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#26 2021-07-12 00:06:51

Registered: 2015-01-02
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Re: "mainstream media", Left or Right wing

The entire premise of this thread was responding to the blatant lies of the major media outlets.  My assertion is that "mainstream media" (both sides are guilty, but the left has taken this to the nth degree in recent years) uses gas-lighting to foment anger / outrage and violence, to pit brother against brother, in an attempt to herd the great unwashed masses into the cages they want to put them in.  They're basically instigators with evil intentions.  I quit watching "the news" years ago.  There's no point.  It's a cheerleading squad for one tribe or the other, but I'm not interested in tribalism or propaganda.  From straightforward observation, they're fundamentally dishonest people, no different than your garden variety ambulance chaser.  Most sociopaths aren't quite as manipulative as many of these media personalities are paid to be.  I can't even guess at what they actually value, but I do know that I would refuse any job that mandated that I lie to people, or resign on the spot if I was asked to do so.  Beyond that, a lie of omission is also a lie.

Apart from refusing to work with or for criminals (a criminal is a person who intentionally commits acts intended to cause harm to other people, my definition of "evil"), I'm thoroughly uninterested in any other forms of discrimination against other people, because I think it's pointless and is its own form of evil.  My only thoughts on all this uproar over gender identity is that it's merely another way to divide / confuse / conquer other people, generally for evil purposes.  You can come to me and claim to be a man or a woman, irrespective of biological sex, and I will respect your self-image, because it's you that I respect, not how you see yourself.  Who you find attractive is your business, not mine, and certainly not the government's business.  If you choose to identify as a space alien or a toaster oven, then I'm not going to indulge that claim without evidence.  Irrespective of what you think about a man dressing up like a woman or vice versa, it's been my experience that a little bit of kindness and respect goes a long way.  The corollary, is that kindness and respect must also be reciprocated.

Adoption is a good thing in my view, but as far as "buying children" is concerned, that shouldn't be legal anywhere, at any time.  Apart from being an extension of one's self, a child is also a responsibility of the utmost importance, as they are, quite literally, humanity's future.  A child is certainly not a theatrical prop.  If you want to make a fashion statement, then buy a purse or a watch.  In the same way that I would never allow my children to jump off the roof because they saw a Superman / Wonderwoman movie, I would never allow them to mutilate their body, either (using hormone drugs or by any other means), so long as I am obligated to care for them.  I have to wonder if parents who wouldn't prevent that from happening truly love their children or not.  It's worrisome because it makes me think these people who should be adults can't distinguish personal agendas from objective reality.  If they can't, then they shouldn't be permitted to have children.  Human children are not lab rats for medical experiments.  If you desperately need to experiment with someone's life, then experiment with your own.


#27 2021-09-10 09:24:17

Registered: 2006-03-23
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Re: "mainstream media", Left or Right wing

Will Mars have tv news stations?

What if around the globe the drama theatre of left vs right and rightwing vs leftwing was just a big show that became one and the same production.

Left wing? Right wing? Mayoral frontrunners grapple with political labels … nd-debates

SpaceNut wrote:

All privately owned business have the right of denial of services...
He had his own privately owned blog and he pulled the plug on it so there is nothing to the law suit as he had his chioce to make use of his own mouth piece....

He wanted to ban TikTok but instead Facebook and Twitter and Youtube and other services knifed him in the back and banned him instead??

So now the Taliban and other terrorists now openly operate youtube, twitter and other social media accounts?

as for the stage show with actors parroting lines...
Sinclair's Media Empire, covering both left and right

Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny's step this year!


#28 2021-09-10 10:24:06

Registered: 2015-01-02
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Re: "mainstream media", Left or Right wing


I would have an easier time buying into the validity of a 3 dollar bill than the constant stream of brain vomit that the media drug dealers are pushing, left or right.  All of it boils down to, "Let me share my ignorant opinion with you, that's not even my opinion in most cases, and try to get you to believe it, because I claim to believe it."  It's totally bonkers, but as he said, not a lot of critical thinking goes on in the media these days.

I especially like how the commentator brought President Trump into a problem that he stated was caused by the very type of organizations that he worked for (it's always someone else's fault, except that he wasn't a completely mindless drone, so eventually he quit, and good on him for that), instead of simply calling it out as the garbage that it truly is.  In case you're wondering, the technique being used is called "neuro-linguistic programming", or NLP.  It's used by our military as well.  Since my father was involved in its development and use when I was a child, I learned to recognize it from a very early age.  I turned the TV off years ago, because it was getting so blatant and over-the-top that there was nothing worth watching.  Both simpletons and empathetic people, especially women and children (and anyone else who is overly-sensitive to their feelings or the feelings of other people), are easily manipulated by using such techniques.  How else do you think they get so many people to buy all the useless crap that they do?  If it didn't work, do you think advertisers would keep paying them to advertise their junk?

Anyway, he totally failed to explain what's going on.  It was the normal incoherent rambling nonsense of someone who doesn't recognize psychological manipulation techniques, because he's mostly or totally unaware of them, even if he knows that something is clearly wrong.


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