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#1 2021-12-13 06:44:23

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Paintings of Mars by Bryan Versteeg, Chesley Bonestell

While we as humans dream paint pictures of the planets and space exploration and new colonies...will they out there one day in the future paint pictures and dream of return to Earth?

I thought I would share some space artists, some of these artists alone you could spend a full day talking of just one artist and their amazing work. Some used paint, other artists made models and scuplted, some used chalk and pencil, other more modern artists use software and CGI paint programs.

Chesley Bonestell … stell.html

Bryan Versteeg … -universe/ … steeg.html

he has site

Don Dixon Art

Ron Cobb

Gerard O’Neill although I believe O'Neill himself might not have been a true artists and was a director of arts and got got artists like Don Davis to paint his works … -frontier/ … ettlement/ … colony-art

Lucien Rudaux … mical-art/ … les-bains/

The Concept of Spacestation type ships by Encho Enchev … nchev.html

A lot of Classic Retro-Futurist concepts from Robert McCall … space-age/

Lynette Cook's work is very much 'out there' she did a lot of galactic exoplanet stuff before anything was ever imaged I guess this was how guys like Chesley Bonestell would also have to dream up a scene from Titan or some other place without ever knowing the Moon or Planets.

Mark Garlick again does 'out there' galactic exoplanet stuff but also has Sunsets on Mars … ian-sunset … nvas-print … 5850.1G4ZT … ce-art.htm … rk-garlick … k-garlick/

Danny Flynn dreamy … 143464.htm

David A Hardy more Alien Worlds … d-a-hardy/ … dy-part-1/

Marlynn Flynn … rspage.htm … ynn-flynn/ … llery.html

Darren Bacon … eship.html

Olexii Shuhurov

Alex Nice

Dmitrii Ustinov … angle.html

Ray Cassel … -2/page/6/

Brain Sum

Mars station by Hideaki Fuji … e/2011699/ … n/1333378/

Alexey Shugurov … gurov.html

Pat Rawlings. … e-art.html … -rawlings/

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#2 2021-12-13 07:47:29

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Re: Paintings of Mars by Bryan Versteeg, Chesley Bonestell

For Mars_B4_Moon re new topic

Thanks for your significant investment of time and thought in compiling the opening post in this new topic!

SearchTerm:Museum of Space Art
SearchTerm:Art collection space
SearchTerm:Artist Space

I personally appreciated your mention of Dr. Gerard O'Neill's contribution to the genre, primarily (I suspect) through inspiration of creativity due to the scope of his ideas, and the power of his verbal and written presentations.



#3 2022-04-04 12:31:32

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Re: Paintings of Mars by Bryan Versteeg, Chesley Bonestell

The Space Fantasy Art of Andrei Sokolov … i-sokolov/

Old scifi radio play, some of these old shows and magazines had great art to go allow with radio broadcasts
Earthsearch by James Follett (S2E1): cult sci-fi drama sequel to his original Earthsearch.
4 million years ago, a fantasy scifi story tells the tale of the crew of the starship Challenger abandoned their search for Earth and made their home on Paradise, the third planet of a solar system on the fringe of the galaxy. But..

Across the West I notice our art has got more Dystopia, Oppressive, Blade Runner Style and Technocracy and Dark, it is becoming less out the Exploration. maybe it is the influence of politics, the real world but Art and Movies have become more Apocalyptic, Bleak Neon Dark Metallic Cityscapes and Horror and Less about Freedom and Building

Five Sci-Fi Shows that Got Canceled Despite Being Intriguing and Unique (2015-2020) … and-unique
Interesting Art here
'Probing von Neumann Expansion' … expansion/

Sometimes an Artists work will go viral again across social media but the Artist like Paul Hudson will be uncredited … st01may_1/

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