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#1 2021-01-13 19:41:17

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Antarctica as a Mars Analogue

For SpaceNut .... there are two topics containing the word "Antarctica" but neither seemed a good fit for this item...

The local 3D Printer user group is led by a veteran of a year spent in Antarctica.  It was proposed in the past that he might be invited to participate in the forum as a guest speaker, but for whatever reason that did not happen at the time.

This evening, I mentioned the idea of a research facility on Mount Everest, and the group leader pointed out that the Antarctic research station where he spent a year is 2 miles above the surface of the ocean.  For some reason I was totally unaware of that (but in retrospect, I should have known because I know Antarctica has mountain ranges).

In any case, the gent reported that altitude sickness is a definite problem for crew landing at the station.  Some have to be returned to lower altitudes because they can't acclimate.

He said the atmospheric pressure is about 2/3 of sea level at the station.

The pressure recommended by RobertDyck is 1/2 of sea level, with 2.7 psi partial pressure of Oxygen, for habitats on Mars and for the Large Ship cabins.



#2 2021-01-13 21:32:07

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Antarctica as a Mars Analogue

There is alot of research on going in the very harsh region of earth for sure but what would we gain from such a location?

One on my roaming plot ideas was taken from the moving buildings that are there as a possible mars means to move about even if slowly as we do research for a given area.

Other than that we would need to constant supply the ability to stay which is not using insitu materials or any systems that would translate to a mars capability other than inside food farming.

The Everest location is seasonal for warm weather but its got light all year round that the Antarctica location would not have.


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