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#1 2013-08-28 17:32:00

From: Baile Atha Cliath, Eireann
Registered: 2008-01-13
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Life might have orginated on Mars


#2 2013-09-06 08:21:02

GW Johnson
From: McGregor, Texas USA
Registered: 2011-12-04
Posts: 4,625

Re: Life might have orginated on Mars

This topic is really resonating in the science news right now.  It would appear that the origin of life was a far more complicated thing than we ever guessed,  whether it happened here or there,  or both independently.

That is actually in-line with prior discovery.  Most things have turned out to be a lot different and a lot more complicated than our initial guesses.  Pretty much across-the-board. 


GW Johnson
McGregor,  Texas

"There is nothing as expensive as a dead crew,  especially one dead from a bad management decision"


#3 2016-09-14 21:29:16

Registered: 2011-12-29
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Re: Life might have orginated on Mars

I will put this here.  Not trying to kiss up but G.W.'s take seems open to the possibilities, which I think is appropriate. … type=Blogs

What they learn could provide insights into where life could exist elsewhere in the solar system, including Mars.

Microbial Martians might well look like what lives in the rocks here at a deep underground mine.

The same conditions almost certainly exist on Mars. Drill a hole there, drop these organisms in, and they might happily multiply, fueled by chemical reactions in the rocks and drips of water.

“As long as you can get below the ice, no problems,” Dr. Onstott said. “They just need a little bit of water.”

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