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#1 2003-05-19 05:05:16

From: Princeton, WV USA
Registered: 2003-05-19
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Re: lunanic111 - Cydonia Message Decoded

[color=#000000:post_uid5]I have decoded the Cydonia "Face on Mars' Message, and its a star map!

To learn more, visit:

I am sorry to have to ask for donations for the star map, but in the end you will benefit, for I plan on building the world's first shortwave radio station dedicated only to science, ancient mysteries, the bible, and other odd and various topics about space.  So we need your support!  (Have you ever priced a shortwave radio transmitter?? LOL)

I thank you for visiting my page, and any support you can give us, will be greatly appreciated.

Own a web site?  Link to us, and we will link to you.  Its part of my "You scratch my link, I'll scratch yours" campaign.[/color:post_uid5]


#2 2003-10-08 20:30:54

Registered: 2003-09-25
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Re: lunanic111 - Cydonia Message Decoded

[color=#000000:post_uid0]O_O LIFE OMG.
Maybe... o_o meh don't listen to ramblings of a mad man but good job yikes.[/color:post_uid0]

The MiniTruth passed its first act #001, comname: PATRIOT ACT on  October 26, 2001.


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