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#1 2002-10-23 21:46:12

From: El Paso TX, USA
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Re: MGS - the latest, anything involving MGS

First, the new images shown on the homepage are quite detailed.  They depict outburst gullies in a crater wall.
I can see evidence of older channels underneath more recent flows.  And the largest channel appears to be quite recent, and boasts a very large cave-in feature at its source.
However I am experienceing a slight difficulty in interpreting the lower half of the image.
I see it as two ways, either as a dune field (easy answer) or the layered deposits of continued outburst activity over a VERY long time.
Smaller dunes appear to have formed on top of them, possibly from the sediment deposited there...
Anyone out there see the same thing or am I in dire error...

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