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#1 2021-10-11 18:25:31

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Space Movies and the Mars Economy

The Russians recently pipped the Americans to be the first to shoot a commercial movie in space.

I thought this was interesting in two respects, in terms of what I have said previously about developing the Mars economy.

1. We see the role competition plays. Russia wanted to beat the USA in being the first to make a film in space. On Mars we will see similar competition. Who will get the first TV ad for an automobile shot on Mars? Toyota, Ford, VW, or someone else?

2. People do want to make movies in space...well orbital space is not that exciting compared to all the wonderful vistas and backdrops on Mars!  Mars I think is going to be used on a fairly regular basis.

So, I think we can be confident there will be a race to make the first movie "on Mars".

Of course with modern CGI you don't necessarily have to transfer your actors to Mars to make the movie. It may be more a question of filming all the Mars scenery and then slotting in the actors back on Earth.

In any case I think the fact "movies in space" is already a reality is an excellent portent for the viability of a Mars economy.

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