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#151 2020-09-16 14:18:44

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Re: Bikes on Mars? - Don't laugh!


Is this going to be above or below ground?

If you expend the effort to create traffic tunnels, then why not use sealed pods and compressed CO2 like the system that the bank uses to transport money and paperwork in the drive-thru?


#152 2020-09-16 17:20:58

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Re: Bikes on Mars? - Don't laugh!

For kbd512 re #151

Thanks for your question and your (to me very) interesting suggestion!

The below ground tunnels idea has been part of the My Hacienda concept since its beginning, but the idea itself may well go back far into the early years of the forum archive.  That doesn't mean it will ever be implemented, of course, but it has precedent on Earth.  Much of the infrastructure of older cities in Europe is built underground, and in the less ancient US, a city like New York has extensive underground infrastructure.

You are the first person I've seen suggest a "push" method of moving cars in underground tunnels.  That is an interesting idea.

The usual (that I am familiar with) approach to that is to generate a vacuum to pull containers through a tunnel network.

Either method would work, of course, and I'd be quite interested in seeing an analysis of the pros and cons of each method.

The way you can tell you have a suction system is if you open the door to a port and it tries to pull you in << grin >>

We have digressed a bit from Bikes on Mars << grin >>

I was trying to stay on that lane with the follow on to your aerodynamic shaped passenger compartment.



#153 2020-09-16 17:58:42

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Re: Bikes on Mars? - Don't laugh!

I am going to copy a few posts to the other topic which is geared more towards 4 wheel use versus just 2.
Quadricycle which covers the hybrid and other 3 or 4 wheeled motorized vehicles better suited for a mars tunnel use.


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