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#101 2019-09-07 17:35:05

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Re: Okay guys, we need new moderators... - Want a job? Post here or nominate.

This isn't the only space forum beset with a plague of spammers and troll artists. SpaceNews and Spaceflightinsider have had a particular individual banned time after time--only to be resurrected under a new id until a member complains. Other forums are a bit more lenient and allow a 90 day ban as a warning--after which an offender may return, but a second banning becomes permanent.


#102 2019-09-07 19:00:15

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Re: Okay guys, we need new moderators... - Want a job? Post here or nominate.

I have also seen the demise of forums never to recover from the targeted onsloat of spammers that eventually cripple or infect them such that they fail.
MarsDrive with just a facebook presence
RedColony domain up for sale
marsnews which now redirects to newmars gone is the blog or forum
Universtoday joined bad astronomy which now is Cosmoquest for the forums


#103 2019-09-08 06:09:48

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Re: Okay guys, we need new moderators... - Want a job? Post here or nominate.

For SpaceNut re topic in general, but #102 specifically

There is an old (probably ancient) management dictum: If you want more of something, praise it. If you want less of something, criticize it.

I woke up this morning fired up with ideas to offer to the NewMars forum.  My contribution will probably be negligible in the grand scheme of things, but your leadership (standing as you do on the shoulders of Giants who preceded you) is what gives me hope that the forum will be well managed, and that the overall tone will curve gently up and forward.

You have provided (and continue to provide) a respectful stage upon which someone as creative as Void can develop ideas and expand upon them to the limit of their ability.

Your stern attention to spammers is a signal that you run a tight ship, while at the same time allowing a significant degree of emotion to flow as seems to be a need of many humans.

Best wishes for slowly but surely adding high quality new members like Calliban shows signs of becoming.

Best wishes for retaining the cadre of substantial members who are already present.



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