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#101 2019-06-25 21:09:59

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Re: Power to gas is the way forward for storage

Well, there is this going on also. … and-467439

This is where I differ a bit with Peter Zeihan.  I don't think we should or will abandon N.W. Europe.  They are too useful to discard.

Our oil and their desire and need to evolve to wind and solar, will work very together in the new era, I think.


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#102 2019-07-04 13:30:54

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Re: Power to gas is the way forward for storage

tag excessenergystorage

What to do when we have generated excess energy but have no means to store it after, batteries, gasses of all types and uses, as we still may need to still use it when its solar or nuclear created.....

How about other useful liquids which can be used later such as the ones needed to make a glow stick shut from business creation....

These could be bottled solution of each to squirt into a chamber with a wick or cotton batten or some other cloth strip for an obsortion to make clean up after use easy. A reuseable latern shell that does not run on battery power but can give light on demand from chemical stores.


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