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#26 2017-08-29 14:47:28

The Contralmirante
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Re: Very Cunning Amendments - Prototype Settlements Preempted

clark wrote:

Perhaps they realize that building and demonstrating a proto-type of a Martian settlement on Earth is the quickest way to demonstrate the disadvantages to living off planet.

Reporter: So what do you do all day?
Proto-Mars Colonist: Er, um, I sit inside, under the flickering lights, driving this little rover around in vacum.
Reporter: What do you do for fun?
Proto-Mars Colonist: Well, most of the time we have to do saftey drills,  do diagnostic sweeps, calibrate sensors, and triple check the machinery we pretend to depend on for life.
Reporter: So what are the advantages of pretending to live on Mars?
Proto-Mars Colonist: That's what we are trying to figure out, so far we have "science".
Reporter: What is the food like?
Proto-Mars Colonist: Rich and varied, all nutrious- of course by Earthly standards, it is sparse and tasteless. We have very little room for luxaries, as the cost is too great. Most of our food is soy based. Most of us would kill for ice cream, we feel for our Antartic cousins.
Reporter: Speaking of killing, is there crime in your community?
Proto-Mars Colonist: Nah, not really- what with all the cameras and other base sensors that monitor the status of the habitat 24/7, and the fact that we live in an enclosed and regulated environment, there is little opportunity for crime. Of course, it would be nice to have cloudy and cold days now and then, but the temp regs require 72 degrees, all the time- and due to the need for constant work throughout the day for maintainence, the lights are always the same in the general area.
Reporter: Why do you think people would want to go to mars?
Proto-Mars Colonist: Why? For the adventure of course, dosen't my life sound like an adventure? Well, dosen't it?

You tell mme.

It is very boring. But there is one aspect of colonizing Mars you forgot about. Renewable food. A food garden would be a must have for real Mars colonists. If an Apollo 13 type malfunction delays a supply run, with rations their only food, colonists are dead. One hundred percent isolation from the outside world (including reporters) would be a necessary part of establishing a test colony on Earth. Also B-12 deprivation is a serious issue. Without a high-tech chem-lab as part of the colony for creating artificial pills and liquids with vital nutrients like that, a full blown ecosystem within the real Mars complex would be necessary, including keeping animals for slaughter.

There are many such issues I see with colonizing Mars, but I'm determined to come up with solutions to every single one of them, same as the rest of you, I assume.


#27 2017-08-29 15:37:04

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Very Cunning Amendments - Prototype Settlements Preempted

Response post is in another closely related topic … 92#p140292

Yes Welcome to Newmars as JBurk said in your introduction topic.


#28 2018-02-09 03:03:03

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Re: Very Cunning Amendments - Prototype Settlements Preempted

Yeah jburk, I also agree with you "I just read this thread (and its initial post) for the first time.  The idea that the Mars Society doesn't want to build a prototype Martian settlement (on Mars) is silly.  All of the current major activities of the Mars Society are geared towards learning how to create analog research bases and all of the research/logistics/human factors around them so that we can later build (or inform who is going to build) one of these on Mars.  That's what we're all about -- settling Mars, one step at a time, including with a prototype first settlement."
Best regards


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