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#1 2002-10-02 17:49:37

From: London, United Kingdom
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Re: 24 hours to go... - Until launch

There are now less than 24 hours left to go until the launch of First Words - in the last few days I've been pretty frantically getting the database access put together and tidying everything up. It's *almost* there now - people can add entries and so on, but the listing of entries isn't as good as I want it to be yet. Hopefully that'll be sorted out tomorrow.

At the moment there isn't any need for testing because I know what's wrong with the system. What I'd like people to do is to think about various mailing lists, friends and websites that they think might be interested in First Words, and get ready to contact them when we launch! The launch will be midnight on Friday in the UK, or rather 0:00am Friday (GMT+1).

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