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#26 2017-08-29 15:37:04

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Re: Very Cunning Amendments - Prototype Settlements Preempted

Response post is in another closely related topic … 92#p140292

Yes Welcome to Newmars as JBurk said in your introduction topic.


#27 2018-02-09 03:03:03

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Re: Very Cunning Amendments - Prototype Settlements Preempted

Yeah jburk, I also agree with you "I just read this thread (and its initial post) for the first time.  The idea that the Mars Society doesn't want to build a prototype Martian settlement (on Mars) is silly.  All of the current major activities of the Mars Society are geared towards learning how to create analog research bases and all of the research/logistics/human factors around them so that we can later build (or inform who is going to build) one of these on Mars.  That's what we're all about -- settling Mars, one step at a time, including with a prototype first settlement."
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