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#1 2007-04-16 10:34:12

From: Illinois
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Re: Europa Ice Clippers

= … ce Clipper from Space Blogger, aka Europa sample return ala Deep Impact.

This sounds like an interesting concept daring enough to work.  Given the fiasco of JIMO and the Europa Orbiter a sample return mission would seem unspeakable, at least at first glance.

How much merit does this concept have?  Given how Lunar Prospector tried this same trick at the expense of the whole craft and yielding nadda...would a probe going even faster on a world whose crust is ironically pure ice have any better luck?  Thanks to Deep Impact whose tech seems to be the basis of this concept we now know it IS possible to blow chunks of comets into orbit but what of something planetary mass?

I think its worth a study at the very least, and the mission itself would be complex.


#2 2007-04-16 13:05:54

Registered: 2005-06-16
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Re: Europa Ice Clippers

Yes an interesting idea, all it needs is the $225m smile

BTW Lunar Prospector was a very successful orbiter that at the end of its life was crashed onto the lunar surface to try to create a plume that could be spectroscopically analyzed from Earth and space observatories. SMART-1 was also a successful orbiter that was impacted for the same purpose.

LCROSS (flying with LRO) is another mission that will have a separate impactor and a following spacecraft that will attempt to analyze the plume as it flies through before also impacting the lunar surface.

None of these missions are sample return.

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#3 2020-07-07 20:12:27

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Europa Ice Clippers

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