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#1 2007-03-30 14:03:41

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Re: Mars Routine

Reflicting back on my youth and space exploration I can recall the instance of being in the fifth grade going to a school that consisted of nothing but antagonistic morroni toad replica people all evil keeping the innocent incognatant of their meanecing danger. I remember one morning after setting up some laser sentry's by the school some R2D2 cans where science fiction orginated from. After watching it on a timer blow melted holse threw the windows on these amphibian imposters of humans I called the _ _th wing and ask them to ready my space craft they replied it well be ready by noon if you can make the bus about a tweenty mile ride. So I made the bus the space vessle was equipe with weapons  I got in my craft circle back to where I came from the farse of a school and straffle and bomb it as well as other maim ham house in the area who would abduct any human children on the way to school I then pulled back on the stick with a lot of G force pushing me back into the seat as I cleard the blue skies into the twilight of of black reaching for my big hunk taffy candy bar I was saving as a treat. I enjoyed space flight since there would be suffcient  food  a rarety in that state due to klones  kleptomaniacs and puting in their own ingreidents in groceries. I arrive at one of three huge glass bubbles shelter that where designed for elagance. The radio crack from earth some what weak a ladies voice was on the radio and said she had prepared some cafeteria cook meals on the craft and where in the storage compartment and also for me to check supplies and equipment at the Mars camp. I wanted to just get away from them all amphbians or Marshian Utahns and just study in peace for two months laser fuels with out interuptions.  The only calls where at dusk and dawn checking on my condition and safety.It then dawn on me I was escaping from marshians on earth looking at the small  blue pea size planet in the distance.


#2 2007-04-04 23:00:21

Josh Cryer
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Re: Mars Routine

Bentherdonthat, your little stories are cute, I read a few of them. smile

Some useful links while MER are active. Offical site NASA TV JPL MER2004 Text feed
The amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of the earth totals some 3.9 million exajoules a year.


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