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#1 2006-11-22 18:50:33

Registered: 2006-05-05
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Re: Do Aliens influence us on earth?

I finaly have documented evidence that they do. Back some time in the 80's I came back from a intersteller space mission to this earth only to find myself compeled to go to the fagit spider mans house still wearing a space suit with a fellow space traveller let me tell you I have had it with maim hamist thats about all I see here on earth.  Well things started geting out of hand I started shooting and called in for support I think it was either the 75th wing or air guard to straffle this house. The pilot came in straffle the target and got piss off he actualy ejected a perfectly ggod jet crash parachuted and told me he was so god damn piss off at the size of that spider and what it was doing came in with a hand gun extra amo and some grenades to personaly kill it. He then told me some alien space craft held your head down to get you to go in there stupid he said he pick him up on radar or some other device and the took at over the spped of light when he tried to fix a lock missile on him.


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