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#1 2006-11-10 16:54:13

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Re: How the UFO craze began

We had our independent volunteer program most of them where soldiers or pilots who would volunteer for space duty and usaly was easly obtain a leave from duty to particapate in this with pay. After some time things began comman and very pratical on identifying craft and FAA violations and air space we thought we where being hunted down by all these regualationand violations where adding up including awol why you did not return on time ect; so following a sugestion for a smoke screen and to expand there search for ticketing  we went into alien cover and started flying around meteor craters,  the space needle making stops into the English wheat fields with rollers to make designs in the fields any mysterious thing we could put together to get out paying tickets it work, also jaming ICBMs some times they would send a ICBM millions of miles into space to get some space explores so we got in and rig the altitude adjustment switch I was losing some laser satellite sentry's too they thought it was a attack from marshians without doing a autopsy on the victims hit with a laser beam thousand of miles from space only to  find out the marshians where here on earth as toad clones that crawld out of some marsh as human replicas.


#2 2006-11-10 23:08:05

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Re: How the UFO craze began

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