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#1 2004-08-01 23:41:39

From: Belgium
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Re: Cydonian 'Pyramids & Face' #2 - continue here

[color=#000000:post_uid0]The former thread collapsed. So no use trying to post there, it won't show up.

(Oscar, Gennaro, you sometimes can retrieve the old stuff by doing a : "reply to -> then browse to find your reply, copy it and paste it here)

Oh, BTW: it seems that long posts tend to corrupt threads, so post several smaller ones instead of one long post to play sure..[/color:post_uid0]


#2 2004-08-02 04:01:33

Registered: 2004-07-18
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Re: Cydonian 'Pyramids & Face' #2 - continue here

[color=#000000:post_uid0]Okey dokey: I'll wait for Gennaro's wise & specific valuable information.[/color:post_uid0]


#3 2004-08-08 12:32:22

From: Eta Cassiopeiae (no, Sweden re
Registered: 2003-03-25
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Re: Cydonian 'Pyramids & Face' #2 - continue here

[color=#000000:post_uid0]Oscar, I have no idea where to begin. I'll just take this obelisk thing and make some brief points (one has to scroll down until one sees an image of San Pietro in Vaticano).

First of all, obelisks play a role in the worship of the benevolent Egyptian craetor and sun god Ra. It's got nothing to do with "demon worship". Neither play obelisks a role in Egyptian fertility cults that I know of, the mother goddess Isis would take care of that, although if it did at some point somewhere proves absolutely nothing.

You see, the devil wasn't invented in those times. Satan is a Hebrew word signifying the "prosecutor" at Yaweh's court.
Satan enters the scene in the 500’s-400’s BC through the books of Job and Zachariah. It’s only when he morphs into Ahryman, the lord of darkness of Iranian Mazdaism that we get the Satan as inherited by Christianity. This takes place in the last few centuries BC when the Jews are under influence by Persian and later Greek thought.
In fact, the Hebrews of earlier times had no conception of dualism or a struggle between light and darkness, good and evil as objective metaphysical entities. What is good for King Yehu (842-815 BC) is simply what is beneficial to Israel and the covenant it has established with Yaweh/Elohim, himself one of many Semite high gods. So when Yehu smashes the idols and obelisks of various cults (Baalists in this case), it’s not to prove the triumph of “Good”, it’s basically a way of saying that my daddy is bigger than your daddy. In fact, my daddy is so immensely powerful that you all of your gods and goddesses should bow down and worship me.
And if the Canaanites used obelisks in the worship of Baal (another Semite deity - not an Egyptian one), so what? It's called syncretism.

So the entire idea of obelisks representing some demonic force and by consequence, that the Egyptians worshipped Satan is wrong from the outset. It’s an anachronistic interpretation of Hebrew scripture.

Then we have this thing with obelelisks spread across the world. Well. This goes back a long time, long before there were any freemasons. It has all to do with western culture's infatuation with Roman antiquity (from the Renaissance onwards in this case) and with the wurm of Egyptology in the late 18th century and 19th century.
Augustus brought the first obelisks to Rome and most existing today as brought by his successors are still there. This he did in order to celebrate the power of the empire while letting the symbology of the sun god shine on the glory of his own regime. I don't suggest you think the pagan Augustus was a freemason, do you, or some worshipper of 'evil' powers?
One was placed in the Circus Maximus (today this one stands in Piazza del Popolo), another on the Forum to serve as a kind of solar clock. Serious reverence for "demonic" Egyptian cults? Hardly. Rather the typical Roman magnanimity in bringing the deities of other religions into their Pantheon, a token of cultural tolerance.
This entire idea of making pagan gods into "demons" is actually an old bad Christian habit, but also a natural result of their doctrine. It stems back to the 1st century AD as evidenced by Hippocarpos, Tertullian and other various church fathers.

As the Renaissance and Baroque epochs were so impressed with antiquity, they took up this obelisk thing again. If you wanted to do anything in true splendour, the Roman and Greek style was the way to go. Bernini, who completed St Peters, even placed an obelisk on the back of a marble elephant as a sort of joke in front of another church in Campo Marzo. Don't ask me, Baroque humor, but I wonder what conspiracy theories can be woven around that one?
The obelisk in front of St Peters was placed there in 1586 (I think?) and wasn’t “bought” by anyone. It was taken from the nearby remains of Nero’s Circus. His relative Caligula (37-41 AD) originally brought it from Egypt.
By the way, the Papacy was never so rich and powerful it could simply have ordered an obelisk from Egypt just like that (not that it had too since Rome was full of them). Egypt was also Muslim territory. Placing the thing on Piazza di San Pietro took 150 horses. That was considered a feat. Overplaying the influence and worldly power of the Holy See in order to demonize it, is typical protestant bible thumper hogwash.
Interestingly, the obelisk is said to have originally had a bronze globe on top allegedly containing the ashes of Julius Caesar. This was removed, probably because [i:post_uid0]it[/i:post_uid0] was considered too pagan in such a location. It now sports a cross. How satanic. roll

There was also something about the 'demonic' eight spoked wheel of enlightenment, hinting on the layout of the square in front of St Peter's. Well, I guess most here are aware that the dharma wheel, featuring the eight paths of enlightenment, is a famous Buddhist symbol. Should we suggest that the Pope for this reason is a Buddhist heretic?

Lastly, you stated somewhere that Hitler also 'knew about' the true meaning of these demonically Masonic obelisks.
Care to provide a reference? big_smile[/color:post_uid0]


#4 2006-09-21 12:57:54

From: Brasília-DF, Brasil
Registered: 2003-02-17
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Re: Cydonian 'Pyramids & Face' #2 - continue here

ESA's Mars Express has obtained images of the Cydonia region, site of the famous 'Face on Mars.' The High Resolution Stereo Camera photos include some of the most spectacular views of the Red Planet ever. … URE_0.html


#5 2006-09-21 13:20:11

Registered: 2005-06-16
Posts: 3,230

Re: Cydonian 'Pyramids & Face' #2 - continue here

Yes an excellent set of images and a nice quote too from Carl Sagan:

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."

Let's go to Mars and far beyond -  triple NASA's budget !   #space channel !!    - videos !!!


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