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#1 2006-08-17 13:02:17

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Re: Did I land on the Wrong Planet?

Just a fiant memory I like any two year old was out exploring other galaxys and planets when I came across a hostile solar system, I wipe out three planets and seriously inflicted damage on a fouth where I had a negotions with there solar ruler who employd interpetures where I gave him details about my planet people and cultures he who recieved the news from ear mention some thing of earth due to the wor lid to some sabatage of my navigation system a I landed here with extrem disbelief of my navigation console in proper working order. Here I laugh someone was trying to convince me they where people and noted he must of interped my conversation and tried to remedy by making them from bleach white to dark black every thing else was screwed up too. I also noted the people where clone from amphibians and spiders and of such ilk. Tell me what is it like on your side do you feel fabricated up for some fien on another planet? roll


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