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#1 2005-08-01 18:39:02

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Re: Contributions



#2 2005-08-14 18:31:14

John Creighton
From: Nova Scotia, Canada
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Re: Contributions

I would like to add, that as of now it seems mostly that it is me and Rxke doing work on the new mars wiki. There are thousands of possible topics that can be put into the wiki that might have some relation to mars. For instances hydrogen while not a page directly about mars can be about how hydrogen is used in a rocket fuel and where hydrogen is found in space including mars. Speaking of hydrogen what about water? That is another great topic, the question about where water can be found on mars and how much is a very profound question. While there may specifically be a page called water on mars. There may be a more general page just called water.

What pomes might you put in a page called water. Well, there is the ocean and sea and not just a literal sea. A sea can also be the great black medium that must be crossed in the journey to mars. Or it could be sea’s that will be on mars in the future. Think metaphors mythology history cuture. Think of how various words can be connected to your pomes in a literal or figurative since. 

Then once you’ve done that just go put it somewhere. The page doesn’t even have to exist. You just replace the page name in the location bar with the page you want to go to and paste your poem there. Other people can come along and make the page look prettier and add content but if there is a poem already there it is one less thing they have to add. Also if all the poems are by me something is lost because I think when we write it shows part of our self. A lot of poems by me show I like mars but alot of poems by many people show the harts and souls of the countless people that want to make a civilization on mars a reality.


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