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#1 2005-08-05 02:06:11

John Creighton
From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Registered: 2001-09-04
Posts: 2,401

Re: The Martian

Here is another thought for a story. The main character will be someone that seeks to be great but is never given the chance. He will be a good at least but never noticed as a local sports hero, we will be heavily educated and never an A+ student and struggling to make ends meat, never get the scholar ships.

The story will begin with an INTERVIW with NASA:

.Interviewer:  You education is impressive but what experience do you have.

Main Character: I have always dreamed of going to mars. When I read the case for mars in highschool, I hoped I could do something great.

Interviewer: So you have no experience then….

Main Character: I know more about living on mars then just about anyway.

Interviewer: Theory but what about practice. Have you even flown a plan before?

Main Character: That is what mission control is for.

Interviewer: How are your communication skills.

Main Character: I have done many presentations in school and have presented at many conferences:

Interviewer: What about coaching or have you ever delivered a presentation to a high school class.

Main Character: May I be frank sir. You are looking for someone to relate to the common person but the common person has little ambition to live on mars and cares little about space. Before you see an impressive education but nothing to show for it. That is something people can relate to. The American dream, to be able to do what you love by hard work and ambition. If you want people to be excited about mars then let them see someone that loves mars. Let them not see someone that is doing a job but rather someone that is living a dream.

Interviewer: Why not chose a dream that is more down to earth.

Main Character: If I must I will, but I have this opportunity before me which I know is truly great. Despite my education on earth I admit I am replicable. On mars I will be indespensable.

Interviewer: Indispensable as anything else we put billions behind. Can you name a position you had where you were responsible for an expensive piece of equipment.

Main Character: I was young once untrained and working in a machine shop. Something didn't look right and I went to get the machinist instead of pushing stop. Since then I've learned not to sacrifice safety for productivity. I know if I get lost in a dust storm or the rover breaks down that I will have not only lost my life but cost the nation billions. Such reckleness has no place in such a critical role, especially when budget dollars are scarce and NASA like many other agencies is fighting hard for its share of the budget.

Interviewer: What will you do to inspire the nation.

Main Character: I am not afraid of cameras or being a fish in a fish bowl. I know everything about rocks and I find it excited and the nation will see that. I have studied in-situ construction and I am no stranger to manual labour. The nation will see mars built one brick at a time. They will know how to dig a vault, and how to keep solar panels clean. They will learn how to find water in the desolate desert of mars, how to extend the life support from the hap to shelters built by local resources.


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