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#1 2004-09-27 23:07:13

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Re: MS Youth Chapter - seeking new members/articles! - Interested in helping out? Read on...

[color=#000000:post_uid0]The Mars Society Youth Chapter launched a few years ago as a voice for youth within the Mars Society, which as many of you probably know is a global organization which promotes the human settlement of Mars. The Youth Chapter was quiet for a few years, but is now getting back off the ground - but we need your help!

We are currently accepting new submissions for The Martian Chronicles, the online publication that forms the core of the Chapter's activities. For a few ideas of what we're looking for, visit the archives and browse some of the past issues. Here are some guidelines for your submissions:


[b:post_uid0]Who can submit articles?[/b:post_uid0]
As a general guideline, the Chronicles seeks articles from anyone that considers themselves "youth", which might be loosely defined as anyone under the age of twenty-five. However, we will happily publish articles from educators, scientists, event organizers, or anyone else that has something to say to our readers.

[b:post_uid0]What kinds of articles are you looking for?[/b:post_uid0]
Anything you can think of - news articles, short stories, scientific or philosophical essays, book or movie reviews, art, music, interviews, etc. If you are involved in the organization of space-related activities or opportunities for youth, consider promoting this through the Chronicles. We'll accept just about anything you can offer.

[b:post_uid0]What can I write about?[/b:post_uid0]
Anything related to space exploration or astronomy. Use your imagination! Here are some ideas:

What are some of the world's nations doing to contribute to space exploration?
Where should we look for life in our solar system?
What is the role of politics in the exploration of space?
Why do humans feel a need to explore space?

[b:post_uid0]How long should my submission be?[/b:post_uid0]
Your submission can be as long or as short as you require to express your thoughts fully. There are no limits here; just aim to be concise.


For more information about how to submit your work, visit

If you are interested in helping out with any of the chapter's activities, including promoting the cause, taking a leadership role in directing the chapter, and editing/reviewing new articles, drop by the site and email me.

Thanks for your time... and please, [b:post_uid0]spread the word to anyone who might be interested in helping out![/b:post_uid0]


Steve Melnyk
Mars Society Youth Chapter[/color:post_uid0]


#2 2005-08-31 20:09:41

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Re: MS Youth Chapter - seeking new members/articles! - Interested in helping out? Read on...

Stevo3, uou should really check out Red Colony, there are many resources there for you to use and alot of younger people in our group, hope this helps.


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