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#1 2003-12-28 03:13:08

From: Kendal, Cumbria, England
Registered: 2001-09-04
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Re: Space Calendar - "Forthcoming Attractions" for 2004

I was browsing various threads earlier today and came across a request for any links to websites which give details of space activities for the year ahead. I know of one, an excellent one from JPL, but as I can't find the actual posting again I figure I'll just start from scratch. So, here you go, hope this proves useul to whoever asked the question...

There is a LOT of detail on here - anniversaries, launches, astronomical info, but it is an official JPL site, updated regularly to take into account slips in schedules and timetables etc. I find it an invaluable resource as a writer and Outreach educator.


Stuart Atkinson

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#2 2003-12-28 05:20:37

Josh Cryer
Registered: 2001-09-29
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Re: Space Calendar - "Forthcoming Attractions" for 2004

Wow, that's a great link. That site just went into my "Space" bookmarks. smile

Some useful links while MER are active. Offical site NASA TV JPL MER2004 Text feed
The amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of the earth totals some 3.9 million exajoules a year.


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