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#26 2021-07-14 18:54:05

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Re: New language for Mars?

For Mars_B4_Moon re #25

Holy Moley!

SearchTerm:Language review by Mars_B4_Moon covering multiple languages and possible implications for Mars.

The Chinese are busy converting any stray non-Mandarin languages that remain in use in their land mass.

A few short years from now there won't be any left, if the trends there continue.

A settlement of Chinese on Mars may have a policy of keeping knowledge of other languages ready for use if needed, but I'll bet the main language in use within the settlement will be the same as in the Nation itself.



#27 2021-07-14 19:06:22

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Re: New language for Mars?

There are many languages that are on the way into oblivion and since many have no written word to go with them its going to be even harder to keep these alive.
One way is to simply digitize the spoken word for later use with a Rosetta stone translation to aid others in learning them.

Now for the written language which are symbolic drawings that can connect to a single word or to a whole sentence these are going to be even harder to retain....without some sort of computer use to translate when being viewed.


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