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#1 2021-06-22 14:53:40

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Mycelium and other plastics substitutes

Given the absence of fossil fuels on Mars, plastic will likely be a rather and expensive product. The people of Mars will need to find substitutes. Here's one solution for polystyrene-type products.

Any other suggestions?

Obviously recyclable glass bottles and containers can be used for many applications. One of the disadvantages of glass - its weight - will be far less apparent on Mars, being 62% lower than on Earth.

Bamboo is a useful packaging material.

Bioplastics appear often to mixed in with traditional plastic, so not really a solution for Mars.

People have been developing ways of using CO2 as a feedstock for plastics production. This appears to be quite advanced: … to-plastic

Presumably this approach could be adopted on Mars to create and oil-free plastics industry.

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