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#26 2021-05-15 15:58:26

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Re: Chinese Unmanned Probes

I hear they only planned for 90 days. Perhaps they also expected gusts of wind to clean the Rover as it did Perseverance, Opportunity, Spirit, Curiosity.  They plan to check under the ground for water-ice and detection of permafrost in Utopia Planitia another planned mission might bring a 3-D printer to use material to build / print new objects although that might be a Chang'e Moon mission using lunar regolith, its difficult to say if China will chose one as priority over the other, the Mars or Moon...or Maybe they have their eye on both worlds.


#27 2021-05-15 16:37:41

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Re: Chinese Unmanned Probes

wow you last visited and posted in 2015, please do not wait so long...


#28 2021-05-17 04:27:17

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Re: Chinese Unmanned Probes

Hi SpaceNut
I think something happened to the search at google and other sites as this forum site rarely shows in searchlinks, I'm not sure if that's a mistake on their side but now I use other alternative search engines these days trying to get away from BigTech censorship. I also had the older offline forum site on bookmark, its possible you lost a lot of old users when the older ikon board went down.

There are rumors online on social media sites like youtube twitter the Mars rover - Zhurong will communicate with either Mars Express or one of the NASA orbiters. I'm not sure if this is true or just a rumor about linking to to other Orbiters, but some of the media accounts seemed to link to aircraft industry and ESA. There are a lot of clips from Chinese media now being translated and mirrored on other online accounts. A site Spacenews has a report on the Rover. … -planitia/
'Zhurong is equipped with six science payloads, including a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument for analysing surface elements and minerals, panoramic and multispectral imagers, a climate station, magnetometer and a ground-penetrating radar.
It aims to return data on potential water-ice deposits, weather, topography and geology, complementing science carried out by missions from other space agencies.'

There is some political thing at play, China could get could PR for the landing but China spacenews isnt on the media of the West that much, China is also not on the ISS, there is an exclusion policy by the Congress and Senate and exceptions can and have been granted by Congress on a case-by-case basis.

Also there is a social media account following the Rover … 7317857283
' Landing coordinates confirmed. 109.9E, 25.1N.  '

The rumors I read are bandlink it might be ok slow telemetry but not for images yet...
another Account called C Yang claims the orbiter will change orbit and a more high speed bps transmission will be established

bandwith and high speed comms seems to always be some kind of issue with these missions to the outer planets
Maybe future concepts like Laser Communication or other forms of Transmission will be used by the Space Agencies of the Future?

U.S. senator: China landing on Mars a reminder ‘we don’t own space anymore’

As China and more players begin to deploy assets in space, King said the United States should push for a global agreement on norms of behavior. “It’s in everybody’s interest,” he said. “Ships pass each other on the right. We need standards so we don’t have chaos.”

There is also news that China now Considers Voyager-like Mission to Neptune or to go out to the Heliosphere or KBO objects like New Horizon.
I think the news media calls it by the IHP name given at a science conference or calls it 'Interstellar Express' mission.

i see you already posted a news item on the link up in the other thread so its probably a true story

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#29 2021-05-17 08:00:42

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Re: Chinese Unmanned Probes

The Chinese mission went to L point 1. Lagrange points are positions in space where objects sent there tend to stay put. At Lagrange points, the gravitational pull of two large masses precisely equals the centripetal force required for a small object to move with them. Sun–Earth L1 is suited for making observations of the Sun–Earth system, Sun–Earth L2 is a good spot for space-based observatories, especially helpful for infrared astronomy and observations of the cosmic microwave background. The three collinear Lagrange points (L1, L2, L3) were discovered by Leonhard Euler a few years before Joseph-Louis Lagrange discovered the remaining two L4 and L5. The Planet Mars, Saturn's moon Tethys and Neptune have Natural objects at Lagrange points.

China's moon-sampling Chang'e 5 probe beams home eerie images from deep space … ace-images

Chinese scientists have said that Chang'e 5 may head to new targets after completing its tests at Sun-Earth Lagrange point 1.


#30 2021-05-17 08:37:21

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Re: Chinese Unmanned Probes

For Mars_B4_Moon re #29

Thank you for the link to the article about the continuing voyage of Chang'e 5 and particularly the L1 visit!

I was happy to discover that the Wikipedia editors are on top of this news: … nge_points

Chang'e is included in the list of probes at or planned for L1



#31 2021-06-05 13:57:55

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Re: Chinese Unmanned Probes

I suspect Chinese are already testing Mars tech on the Moon. Here is some of the coverage of their Lunar mission. Inside their Moon Rover they had a Lunar Micro Ecosystem, a kind of Biodome which tested if life or any kind of growth could exist on the Moon they tested cottonseed, potato, rapeseed, as well as fruit fly eggs. There was plant life growing from the seeds but eventually they were destroyed by the Lunar Elements long durations of hot days and deep colds could risk potential future missions but China did learn something interesting from this experiment.

Chang'e 3 was a Lunar Rover mission, the mission might still be Ongoing as the Lander might still be active, the Robot Rover itself was landed on the Moon in  February 2014 it was designed to oeprate for 3 months and ceased to transmit data a little after one year.

Chang'e-4 was the Lunar farside landing mission, the Chang'e 4 was originally built as a backup for Chang'e 3 ...I'm wonder did they also build a back up for their Mars missions?

China's lunar rover on far side of the moon, rolls up to crater's edge.

China might be growing stuff on the Moon but Space farming has been studied on MIR and the Shuttle and ISS, it is usually a study of plant growth, sometimes insects or the cultivation of crops for food and other materials in space. The Mars Desert Research Station also study this area of science back on our planet Earth. … migration/

Hong Kong PolyU professor unveils 'Mars Camera' … 1129.shtml
This "unimpressive" camera is called "Mars Landing Surveillance Camera" ("Mars Camera").

"Don't look down upon it," said Professor Yung Kai-leung of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), who led the research.

China's first Mars probe Tianwen-1 carrying the Zhurong rover landed on the Red Planet on May 15.

The "Mars Camera" plays the role of an eye to monitor the landing and surrounding environment on the Mars surface.

The Mars Camera is light in weight (around 390g) yet strong and durable enough to withstand the extreme temperature differences of about 150 degrees Celsius experienced during the nine-month journey between Earth and Mars, and a huge impact shock of 6,200G, i.e., 6,200 times the force of Earth's gravity.

Professor Yung has collaborated with the China Academy of Space Technology in deep space exploration for years, developing a "Camera Pointing System" for Chang'e 3 in 2013 and for the historic landing of Chang'e 4 on the far side of the moon in 2019, and the "Surface Sampling and Packing System" for Chang'e 5, China's first lunar sample return mission.

He also mentions a MSR mission in the vid

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#32 2021-08-08 11:42:11

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Re: Chinese Unmanned Probes

Can the U.S. and China Cooperate in Space? … -in-space/
Joe Biden urged to work WITH China as NASA warns Xi and Putin threaten 'new space race' … tation-scn
China embarks on a decade of human space exploration … ploration/
The worrisome Chinese space programme … 89622.html

from twitter feeds

China's space ambitions … 4328426501

- rough translation -

The second Moon Rabbit Rover, Chang'e is alive, photo from the lander of the lunar rover

CNSA CLEP recently released new colored photos taken by #Yutu2 Lunar rover. Scientific data of Chang’e lunar exploration project are available to the public at Yutu2 lunar rover has been working on the far side of the moon for more than 900 days. … 2216053760
Zhurong update (Sol 75): the rover has continued south after investigating a dune south of the parachute+backshell. Drivers now planning a route through the complex and rock-strewn Martian terrain below. Zhurong has covered 708 metres as of July 30.
Chinese doing new type of exercise workout on their space station

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