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#1 2021-05-29 15:42:26

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Joint Japanese-Indian mission. Lunar Lander & Rover

I'm not 100% sure if this mission will go ahead, missions so far along in development rarely get cancelled so let's have a look at these two space agency and the potential for the mission.

Japanese missions and India missions have been followed on this forum for some time, the discussion were here some before my time here, before I joined the forum. On some international topics it became a political space discussion. We had Liberal, Conservative, anti-Globalism hardcore Gas core reactor guys all debate here on who else might be going to the Moon or Mars. Some back in the old days of newmars debates thought only Russia and the USA would be the big players in Space, others saw different emerging space powers like Japan, Europe, China, India, Brazil and the US Private sector and other upcoming players in space. The Japanese probably see the Chinese are rivals, S.Korea and Japan are competitors also but I believe the Japanese wants to keep pace with the rest or stay ahead of competition. The Japanese Space Agency does not have the experience of NASA and on the flip side for example Japan is ahead of many of the rest, its space experience is far more advanced than S.Korea's. The Japanese Space Program has kind of come along as Predicted, at one time in the 1980s and 1990s Japanese were hyped to become an economic stock market powerhouse that would buy up the Earth, Japan culture was hyped in pop culture, in Western cartoons, comics, videogames and anime, 'Japanese-Cool' was seen in futurism movies like Blade Runner. Then came a stock market crash in the 90s and the growth of China and the Space Agency groups in Japan also had issues, they had a few stumbles, they had launch failures, an astronomy satellite break up in space. Nozomi  のぞみ, literal meaning "Wish" or "Hope," aka the Planet-B mission was a Mars orbiter that failed to reach Mars due to electrical failures.
However I believe the tide turned and they got better luck, a crippled Hayabusa spacecraft saved a mission from failure and managed to bring back dust from an asteroid, The H-2-A launcher by Mitsubishi has become a reliable Medium-lift launch vehicle from the South island off the larger island of Kyushu in Japan, the space agency of Japan also has a manned program of sorts and buys launches from NASA, Russia and the US Private Sector. All of the preceding Japanese agencies have been amalgamated into one Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency  調布市 東京都 Tokyo. The Japanese have now had a string of successful space missions, the unmanned cargo ship to the ISS called 'HTV' with their own robotic version of the CanadaArm, they do technology development and the launch of their own national satellites into orbit, the Japanese completed successful space telescope missions. Japanese Scientists have joined with the European BepiColombo to explore Mercury to investigate the planet’s remaining mysteries, new reports from news media now say the Japanese are becoming 'Space Tourists'. Japan is typically close to the United States on co-operation and an ally in politics and science research, both the US and Japan work on the ISS together.
Hayabusa mission that became a success

India's path in Space has been less predictable, they have a Large economy, a class of educated people. India has natural resources and  military and science experience some news magazines, the investor economists and media said India may pass Japan, Indians may pass Europe Europe and even the USA but it has not lived up to its predicted Superpower Hype while other media criticized China as kind of Maoist people still running around in Soviet era boiler suits the Chinese program has perhaps matched predictions and even passed some predictions. One thing to keep in mind is India is one of the younger Space Agency, Politically India was part of the Non-Aligned Movement, while this didnt put India alongside the USA nor the USSR, it led to India standing beside Cuba, Mongolia, Latin American and African and Asian and Middle East nations India and the Non-Aligned Movement Nations that the USA did not always agree with, Indian space missions began in the 1970s, with Soviet assistance in launching the first two satellites, Russia already had space stations and the USA already had people on the Moon before launched its satellites however India now has Mars missions.
India continues good relations with Russia and the Non-Aligned Movement still exists as 120 developing world states that are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc, India might also have been politically expressing itself in a post British Empire Colonialism Era and finding its new voice after a Partition of India into two independent dominion states, India and Pakistan/EastPakistan with East Pakistan becoming the modern country Bangladesh. India became part of 'BRICS' its leaders meeting as a counter to the alliance of Western nations, or just a friendly meeting between Brazil, Russia, India, China and S.Africa? Soon after recent India–Pakistan border skirmishes where an Indian pilot was shot down and captured India then tested an Anti-satellite Weapon which created a cloud of debris. India is not the only nation to do space weaponization, other nations like Russia, China and the USA also tested weapons in space but this recent event may have promoted Trump and the previous admin to form the 'United States Space Force'. India probably has many Political obstacles, Economic Problems, Social issues to face before it ever becomes a true 'Superpower'. India in recent months has suffered from a spike in Corona numbers, a rise in deaths due to the corona virus might cause economic effects and other delays inside India and perhaps other mission timetables will be postponed. India has plans for a Space Station, more planet exploration and Mars missions and future Crewed spacecraft. The Lunar exploration mission Chandrayaan-2 unfortunately wasn't so successful it was a planned robotic lunar lander but instead became a very expensive multi million dollar crater. Chandrayaan-1 however was a successful Moon mission, Exoworlds is a joint proposal by ISRO and the University of Cambridge for a space telescope dedicated for atmospheric studies of exoplanets, they also did Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also called Mangalyaan is a successful unmanned robotic orbiter.
ISRO mission

I believe the original failed Chandrayaan-2 mission will be relaunched as a new Chandrayaan-3 mission in 2022, while the 'Chandrayaan-3' plan might be called LUPEX and become a joint exploration mission between Japan and India in year 2024, this mission would send a lunar rover and lander to explore the Lunar Surface, ISRO would once again be responsible for the lander.
This website had said they would launch Chandrayaan-3 moon mission by November 2020 which is behind schedule … 20-report/
This website mentions delays due to Covid-19 … mis-launch
This website mentions the 'Aditya-L1' mission from India
but it seems that will be delayed to  December 2021 or January 2022, Japan has since linked with the islamic Sharia monarchy of United Arab Emirates and Emirate of Dubai and launched an Emirates Mars Mission which successfully reached orbit around Mars, science instruments were supplied by Arizona, Berkeley California and Boulder, Colorado. The Japan India mission will probably still go ahead, there have been virtual scientist online meetings that mention the missions,  we had dates for 2023 … 67469.html other mentions in news media
There have been statements released of the possibility of NASA's participation as well in this Lunar Lander Rover mission. The latest date for this mission to the Moon is in 2024
there are instruments for Examination of water observation hidden in Moon craters

History will always remember the United States if America as 'first on the moon' but will some other guys like India or Japan be first to exploit it, build a base with their robots?

I guess we have entered a new era of Healthy Competition however I do hope the focus is also on Mars.

Good to see there are more players in space and we might have a Moon base soon

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#2 2021-05-29 15:50:41

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Re: Joint Japanese-Indian mission. Lunar Lander & Rover

The OHRC onboard the previous Chandrayaan-2 mission was supposed to send the highest resolution images of the Moon … 1928241152

The joint mission will be launched after the year 2023, on JAXA’s H3 rocket, manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The H3 rocket is not yet tested.

'the minimum configuration is to carry a payload of up to 4000 kg into sun-synchronous orbit for about 5 billion yen, and the maximum configuration is to carry more than 6500 kg into geostationary transfer orbit. The H3-24 variant will deliver more than 6000 kg of payload to lunar transfer orbit.' … nt-issues/

Four configurations of the H3 are to be possible, each featuring two or three LE-9 engines.

The largest, 63-meter, 574-ton configuration, is to be capable of lifting more than 7,900 kilograms to geosynchronous transfer orbit. … en-flight/
'JAXA will deal with the LE-9 engine-related problem in an appropriate manner and make an all-out effort for the successful launch of the H3 as a new Japan’s mainstay rocket.'

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