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#1 2021-05-20 18:48:56

From: UK
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Why do we need a Mars Corporation?

In answer to my own question:

1. Space X is a corporation based on rockets and will have many competing interests: lunar tourism, orbital tourism, satellite launches, space internet servicing, E2E transport etc There is a need for a corporation focussed entirely on Mars and development of human settlement on Mars.

2. Creating a Mars Corporation will be a bulwark against the planetary protectionists who want to halt human colonisation of Mars.

3. A Mars Corporation will be a bridge between Space X exploration and creation of a sovereign all-planet Mars Republic.

4. A Mars Corporation will be able to undertake operations on Mars which will not be subject to taxation by Earth authorities.

5. The Mars Corporation will be able to focus on human settlement and create a very detailed plan to work to.

6. A Mars Corporation will be a vehicle to a different social organistion on Mars. For instance, the Corporation might be set up with Space X having a 70% controlling interest but with every 1000 more residents on Mars 0.01% of shares will be awarded to those Mars Residents until eventually it will be only Mars residents who control the corporation.

Let's Go to Mars...Google on: Fast Track to Mars


#2 2021-05-20 20:01:15

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Re: Why do we need a Mars Corporation?

Here the other corporate topic by RobertDyck Corporate Government

Its not just a matter of bucks as its got to do with all of the things that make a mission possible not just being the builder of a rocket that can take you there....


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