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#1 2021-04-26 11:53:41

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LEO Space Debris

For SpaceNut ...

Where should this go? … 52906.html

Under House Bill 221, someone who locates debris “reasonably identifiable as a spaceflight asset must report the description and location” to their local police.

The bill defines a “spaceflight asset” to include “crewed and uncrewed capsules, launch vehicles, parachutes and other landing aids, and any ancillary equipment that was attached to the launch vehicle during launch, orbit, or reentry.”

Once contacted, the police must then make a “reasonable effort” to identify the owner of the part and “promptly” notify them. The bill allows the owner to enter private property to recover the part if police believe “exigent circumstances” exist: whether the part presents “an immediate danger to public safety” or if there’s a danger the part will be damaged or destroyed.

Someone who finds the part can’t keep it, sell it or refuse to turn it over to police. If they do, they could be charged with a new misdemeanor: “misappropriation of a spaceflight asset.”



#2 2021-04-26 13:48:08

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Re: LEO Space Debris

This is no different than if you have to make an emergency landing in a farmer's field.  The farmer doesn't get to keep your plane.  If SpaceX accidentally lands a Dragon on my house, then I'm going to ask for repairs, but their Dragon is still their property and my home is still my property.  They're not entitled to keep parts of my home and I'm not entitled to keep parts of their Dragon.  That seems pretty fair to me.


#3 2021-04-26 18:56:03

From: New Hampshire
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Re: LEO Space Debris

There are only the ownership of the identified objects parts of which there is no enforcement to clean it up after its been created by that owner.
The has been a couple of attempts to net them and such but these parts will always be there....
Most will burn up long before they do harm to man or ship while in orbit but as the density increases so will the odds of a hit...


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