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#1 2021-02-10 22:34:29

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Mars Northern Hemisphere ice stability zone

Kind a reoccurring information to its existence of ice....

Water ice resources identified in Martian northern hemisphere


Two views of the northern hemisphere of Mars (orthographic projection centered on the north pole), both with a grey background of shaded relief. On the left, the light grey shading shows the northern ice stability zone, which overlaps with the purple shading of the SWIM study region. On the right, the blue-grey-red shading shows where the SWIM study found evidence for the presence (blue) or absence (red) of buried ice. The intensity of the colors reflect the degree of agreement (or consistency) exhibited by all of the data sets used by the project.

Video: "Availability of Subsurface Water-Ice Resources in the Northern Mid-Latitudes of Mars"

In our analysis of each of these five datasets, ( five independent remote sensing techniques: neutron spectroscopy, thermal analysis, radar surface analysis, radar subsurface compositional (dielectric) analysis,) we attempt to isolate distinct properties of the subsurface that provide proxies for the presence - or absence - of ice The detected ice is buried at depths ranging from a few centimeters to about 1 kilometer. Earlier studies have shown that ice buried within 3 meters of the surface should be stable in the current climate at latitudes above 50 degrees in each hemisphere, but these regions are colder and subject to long seasons of extended night.

So no guarantee that it is what we think it is …..


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