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Mariculture-Earth Terraforming:

Mariculture-Earth Terraforming:
So, lets start with a view: … ophyll.jpg … ajaxhist=0
So, we tend to believe that our Oxygen comes from Chlorophyll.   That may not be the entire story, actually, although it does, the accumulation of Oxygen in the atmosphere is also a function of how much Hydrogen and Methane and such comes out of volcanic activity.   It is begining to look like all of the terestrial objects had a cake mix that included Hydrogen and Carbon.   This could be true for Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, and maybe even our Moon.
An Oxygen accumulation for the Earth's atmosphere only may have become possible when the deeps of the Earth had partially exhausted it's Hydrogen and perhaps Carbon.
This then leaves us to wonder what may be trapped in the deeps of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, perhaps even the Moon.   But that is somewhat off topic.
Environmentalism seems to have two branches.  A pseudo relegious one and a scientific one.
However at this time, I feel that even the scientific version is very influenced by pseudo relegious and perhaps even neo peagan impulses.   This leads to circular thinking which can only spiral down with subtractive thinking.   
They seem to want to light their hair on fire and run around in circles screaming.   And it is always in their mode, that as many of them aspire to be of the "Elete", the solution is always to subtract wealth from what they arogantly consider the lesser beings, perhaps the undisirables?
We need problem solvers, who do not solve by subtracting wealth from their supposed underlings, the tool people.   We do not need to solve the problems by handing power to people manipulators.
All right, I could get geopolitical, but I will cut it short.   My notion is that societies that promote personal soverenty are better than those that don't.  However if you are allowed to choose your path more yourself, without be so much manipulated by people manipulators, you have a very deep responsibility to respect the personal soverenty of others.  In general this keeps one individual from commiting crimes against another.
So, leaving all of that to the alpha male breeding programs that have been ongoing to produce suffering and poverty over the ages, I would then ask a question:
Should we think about terraforming/managing the Earth?
In fact the answer is already that we are and have been doing so.
So, now it is said that we are adding too much Carbon to our atmosphere.  Not unlike when the Earth itself may have suppressed the emergence of significant Oxygen.
I guess we have not noticed a very large drop in Oxygen in reality, but it is claimed that we are producing a greenhouse effect.
A thing of interest that I have read recently is in other time periods, when things warmed up from CO2, the source was the Antarctic Ocean.  The deep ocean having been a reservoir for CO2, if the winds of the Antarctic Ocean are in a particular pattern, it can lift up CO2 laden water and release CO2 to the atmospere.  I am not going to claim that that is going on now in a larger than normal manner, but it does point to using the deep ocean as a CO2 reservoir.
Looking again at this, it appears that their are places where Chlorophyl is less present.   The land deserts, and the Ocean deserts.
if you have too much CO2 in the atmosphere one way is to sequester and remove it mechanically.   However this is bound to be costly and begs the question, "Where do you get the energy to do that"?
There are some things we might try to do for the planet, working with the land, such as planting warm temperate deciduous trees, and also cutting down a lot of Taiga trees and coverting that to grasslands.
For land deserts, if we had the water, we could remove CO2 and produce more Oxygen.
But we have the Ocean deserts.  They are wet, and often sunny.  Photons go to waste.   All that is required is nutrients.   That of course would cost.   So, any entity beneficiating ocean deserts should be allowed to extract wealth.   That would likely be fish.   The fish would poop, the poop drops down to the lower ocean, and so then you sequester Carbon and feed people, and make a buck, it might be hoped.
It is pretty simple as far as a tool maker/user would see things, but of course we have to consider how much interference will be produced by societies that are into breeding useless talking violent alpha males to displace industrial types.
So, it should be possible to do, but I do fear the politics of it.
I will try to clean up the spelling as I may, but as I have said elsewhere, it interfers with the flow of my thoughts, to do that while writing something like this.

I like people who criticize angels dancing on a pinhead.  I also like it when angels dance on my pinhead.


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