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#1 2020-07-05 06:23:00

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NSS National Space Society Online Event July 16, 2020

Subject: Celebrate "A Day in Space" with National Space Society and BuzzAldrin on July 16

[I presume this announcement is open to the public] (th)

Join us on July 16, 2020, for a remarkable event: A Day in Space, the first NSS live virtual speakers’ series!

This exciting, one-day virtual event will take you on a journey that begins with the Space Race, explores the solar system, examines the science and technology of human spaceflight, and looks at the future of space settlement. Exclusive bonus material will follow the premiere of A Day in Space. And best of all, it’s entirely FREE!

Guests include NSS leaders, Apollo astronauts and flight directors; engineers and scientists working on NASA’s planetary exploration programs; astrophysicists who search for habitable exoplanets; and educators, physicians, and investors focusing on the business and future of NewSpace and space settlement.

Besides the full-day premium event on July 16, those who sign up for A Day in Space will receive exclusive bonus content released in the following weeks—you can enter your email address at the A Day in Space website,, to receive updates, bonus content, and a chance to win free books, meteorites and other cool space swag!

A Day in Space will be available across multiple platforms, including:

    The NSS Facebook page
    The NSS Youtube channel
    The e360tv streaming TV network
    e360tv’s Roku/AppleTV/Amazon Fire platforms
    e360tv's mobile streaming platforms's Youtube channel

More information can be found at the A Day in Space website, The presentation will be archived on the e360tv platform and the NSS Youtube page and website for future viewing.

We’ll see you at A Day in Space on July 16. For more information and to register for updates and prizes go to
National Space Society
P.O. Box 98106, Washington, DC  20090-8106
(202) 424-2899


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