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#1 2017-12-28 19:31:28

From: UK
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Disclosure - The word of 2017...more in 2018?

I never once expected the public disclosure of government-held UFO evidence we saw toward the end of this year. I never expected such a thing in my lifetime.

I had always kept an open mind on the subject, but accepted things were not clear cut.

So, this was a remarkable development.

It has huge ramifications.

It raises many more questions than it answers.  The only question it answers is "Does the US Government believe it has observed aircraft on or around Earth whose extreme performance suggests they are not of human origin?" - answered with a resounding, astounding and incredible "Yes!".

What does this portend? Does the Government hold a lot more information, that it is now going to drip-feed to the public during 2018?

Maybe - many commentators seem to think that is the case - but that begs another question: what is motivating this public disclosure?
Has the US made contact with an alien civilisation? Is it being pressured into releasing the information? Can the alien civilisation influence our governments in ways we can't begin to understand?  Has the alien civilisation decided we have reached some critical juncture in our development and need to be taught some "facts of life" before we harm ourselves irreparably?

Potentially, if further disclosure follows, humanity may be in for a period of trauma, similar to that experienced by primitive tribes suddenly subjected to technically advanced civilisations' approaches.

Here are some obvious potential questions:

1. If aliens do control these aircraft with inexplicably extreme performance capabilities what other incredible performance capabilities might they have?  Invisibility cloaking?  Telepathic influence?  Genetic engineering?  Energy production?  Do we want access to these technologies? Are they beyond our ability to comprehend?

2. Have they been intervening in our history and politics prior to this time? If so, in what ways?  If they say yes, we might be resentful to learn that we have been their puppets. If they say no, we might be resentful at their failure to stop so much human misery: slavery, war, oppression.

3.  Can we relate to these aliens in any way that would make sense to us?

4. Do these aliens mean us well or harm? Or are they indifferent to a sense, I think, indifference would be more humiliating for us.

5.  What will happen to the spirit of inquiry, and scientific endeavour, if we know that most of the questions we are currently grappling with have already been answered or at least answered more persuasively by the aliens than  by us?

6.  What is the future for homocentric religions? How will the big monotheistic religions feel if the aliens report to us that all species develop monotheistic myths as part of a developmental stage and then those myths are abandoned as belief systems? Even more interesting: what if the aliens gave us their evaluation of our religions...maybe scoring Buddhism and Taoism high but Christianity and Islam low? How would humans react?

7.  How will atheists react if the aliens tell us there is a religious, non-materialist dimension to the cosmos? On what basis could human atheists with their crude technology oppose the aliens' knowledge?   The atheists might hear the aliens' explanations and not be convinced. But how could they be sure that was not because of their inferior (human) intelligence and access to knowledge?

8.  What would be the impact on our economic and business systems. If contact was made with an alien civilisation they could clearly wipe out stock markets overnight, virtually stop  all private capital investment.  They only have to say: "Here is our energy production device. Each one produces 1 Gwe. We have a million we can distribute to your governments." and that is a whole economic sector wiped out  and hundreds of millions of jobs across the planet gone as well.

Well there you go - some thoughts!

I have never been much of a sci-fi fan but I must say thank God for sci-fi because at least some people have been giving thought to these questions for a few decades now.

2018 could be fascinating.

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#2 2017-12-29 18:38:09

From: UK
Registered: 2008-03-24
Posts: 6,927

Re: Disclosure - The word of 2017...more in 2018?

I think it deserves a name, this huge moment in history.

I propose:

The Elizondo Disclosure.

Everything I am reading online points to more disclosure in 2018.

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