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#1 2017-07-11 00:55:04

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The Mars Anthem - "Rise To Mars"

James L. Burk
Executive Director, The Mars Society
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#2 2017-07-12 00:50:50

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Re: The Mars Anthem - "Rise To Mars"

Not a bad effort. Quite like the opening bars. But the chorus is too reminiscent of the La Marsellaise chorus and the lyrics are a little clunky. Not to say the task is that easy...finding something nice to rhyme with terraforming would be difficult! Also, although I appreciate the European classical tradition, I think for a new home for humanity, we perhaps need something with a wider series of musical reference points. That might be difficult as well, but could be worth the effort. Some lyrical ideas of my own:

"Mars, that was meant for war, will live in peace. "

"Vast distance we have travelled to make this land our home,
Melt water from the valleys, grow food beneath the dome." 

"To make a green, serene and homely land."

Let's Go to Mars...Google on: Fast Track to Mars


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