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#1 2017-05-17 03:34:04

From: UK
Registered: 2008-03-24
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Neologism Corner

I enjoying attempting to coin new words for Mars...

Here are few suggestions. I might not be the first of course but not aware of others having beat me to them.

Darksol - Night time.

Lightsol - Day time. [On Earth, in English, we have night as part of day but confusingly we also have day used as the equivalent of "daylight hours". So night and day are both part of day!]

Soltime  - The system of time on Mars as opposed to Earth time.

Aresian -  A resident of Mars (Greek form - Ares). Think we need to distinguish from the Martian of sci-fi.

Perm - A permanent resident of Mars.

Orbit - The Mars year. Used to avoid confusion with the Earth year.

Earthbirther - Someone born on Earth.

Clearline - A path for Rovers on Mars, cleared of rocks and other obstructions.   

If you enjoy this game, feel free to add some more!

What are your suggestions

Let's Go to Mars...Google on: Fast Track to Mars


#2 2017-05-19 09:07:00

From: Oconto, WI usa
Registered: 2017-03-15
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Re: Neologism Corner

Oh goodie... a smattering of sniglets foreboding the festoons of the Fourth Rock
Speaking of which;

Fourth Rock - The High Council of Mars or, a rubbish Pop Group

A Barney - Rubble of rocks at cliff's edge to warn of approach. (possible bad pun)

3P (or, Sweet Pea) - The Third Orbit of Phobos and the end of a Martian Day

Scrump - Water Ice clumped with Slushie CO2 Ice near the Polar Regions.

Twinkle - When Deimos & Phobos eclipse each other.

A Sutekh - An in coming "destroyer asteroid" to finish the planet off.(Pyramids of Mars / Dr. Who)

Jaffa Cakes - Risen Volcanic region of Tharsis.

Scrunch - Partially caved in Lava Tube in the Ascearus Region.

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