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#1 2017-05-05 13:34:18

From: Oconto, WI usa
Registered: 2017-03-15
Posts: 92

TMRO Channel

Working on a theme here...
For The Mars Society to to increase their presence on the TMRO Channel on YouTube.
Not one episode goes by, without the mention of Space-X

At some point in the near future - we will be witness to the Red  Dragon  Mars  Direct  Sample  Return

Let me say that again...
Red  Dragon  Mars  Direct  Sample  Return.

A Totally Autonomous Mission to Test the Waters of Mars Direct and
get something in return.... MARTIAN BITS !

So, it's probably a good time to REMIND the politician peeple Things that:
"the  purpose of spaceships is to travel across space and explore new worlds...
  not to hang out in space and study the health effects of doing so..."
   ( Robert Zubrin - Nov. 2003 Committee on Space Exploration )

So - the TMRO Channel puts out MORE Space Info in one episode than
Washington does in 30 years.


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