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#1 2013-01-11 19:17:05

From: Winnipeg, Canada
Registered: 2002-08-20
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HI-SEAS Recipe Contest 2013

A group is holding a contest for food recipies. It's for their "Hawaii Space Analog and Simulation".

Submissions are made directly to their website, not here. You can submit recipies from January 11 (as early in the morning as midnight Hawaii time) to March 8, 2013 (a minute before midnight that night, Hawaii time). Final recipies will be prepared for their analog habitat in Hawaii during their 4-month mission, April through August. Winners will be announced in August 2013. (My guess is at the Mars Society convention.)

• Uniqueness
• Taste
• Creativity
• Ease of Preparation
• Appeal
• Appearance

Winning recipes in each category will be featured on the HI-SEAS website and will receive an official HI-SEAS t-shirt.

Ingredients list: (I think it's excessively long. You get a LOT of options here.)

Official rules: … 9434/rules


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