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#1 2021-07-14 03:34:10

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South Africa decends into Rioting, Looting, Burning and Chaos

Violent riots affects vaccine rollout, distribution of chronic meds … _meds.html
South Africa's unrest death toll rises to 32 as looting continues … g-15211930
‘Hell’: Chaos as South Africa erupts, baby shot, 45 looters killed … 22224943bc
License plates removed, they cleared out dog food, shops and trucks burned, they are stocking up and food, they all have the same statement and excuses ... 3 days until food runs out?
This channel has put creepy music over the riot footage with a title 'South Africa is Burning!!!' … rning!!!:f?
Maybe other vids could eb done, there was a fictional tv shwo called 'Walking Dead' a zombie horde attacking, sory of a small group of people living in a zombie apocalypse.
Gaddafi was a dictator but after attacking Libya they created something worse, South Africa also was far from perfect, terrible under Apartheid but now they created mass riots, radical bolsevik communism and tribalism, soemthing far worse, it was once classed as a First World nation, parts of it admired or the envy of the West, now it faces total collapse.

Is it going to split into different groups, balkanized into smaller nation states? The Colored people do not easily accept the idea that 'Khoi-San' communities are Black African they seem to dismiss Afrocentric politics and features of Pan-Africanism- an evident rejection of 'blackness' the Khoisan nation also rejects ongoing land reforms, the Aboriginal Capoid Khoi nation finally declares independence???


The stuff is already over twitter and blogs and forums and social media. The Mainstream Corporate Media will probably catch up on the news in a few days. It has turned into a bizzare Antifa Bolsevik style zombie apocalypse landscape overnight but the mainstream media no reporting? One mistake Western media makes is they try to sell this idea of Africa as one people, one langauge, one tribe one 'race' an ancient Black united magical Afro-kingdom. They in S.Africa had an old Boer Afrikaans culture from Dutch European Afrikaner Colonials, before the arrival of Europeans South Africa was occupied by hunter Aboriginal people the Khoi and San called Khoisan and Capoids, they not the typical Black ethnic group and language from Niger-Congo are one of the oldest ethnic races on Earth the original Cape coloreds, then came Calvinist settlement of South Africa to which they brought Christian culture with the help of some Huguenots, Anglos and the British Empire were also to arrive, from the Empire came all other cultures that British were conquering moving in a mass immigration to South Africa. Almost all of the people in South Africa are alien foreigners today including the African Blacks they are also alien foreigners they are not Native or Aboriginal they are Bantus coming from the Niger plains and jungles of the Congo .It's weird that Asian media or Africa and Latin America is allowing a lot of this Riot go out live but in the West maybe MSM will wait a while try figure out who to blame and then broadcast a form propaganda narrative politics over edited footage to suit an agenda, the Hegelian dialectic the left vs right puppet stage show and media manipulation of their reality continues? some comment it reminds them of Antifa's Looting in the USA, the BLM Chaos, the Middle East sectarianism and tribalism or the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, those eras of division and chaos. It's literally like an Apocalypse War scene some stores emptied totally destroyed, other scenes with hand to hand style battles as seen from Lord of the Rings, on twitter I see a Hindu Indian guy he gets his gun to defend his home and store, who keeps shooting keeps yelling " FACK THEM UP!!!!" in every clip.

This place was once said to be a frontier of Western Civilisation, it has de-evolved into Marxism, Political Tribalism, a growing fight in South Africa powered by corruption and greed, a fight over land, politics and ethnic and cultural 'identity'. Mandela was known as the guy who 'freed' South Africa, he could have been classed as colored but not Black African since he had a mix of ancestry, the ama-Xhosa an Ama-Mpondo, these peoples are well mixed with khoi and san the bush people near Capetown, the hottentot and other aboriginal bushman tribes. Some Cape colored are a mix of Khoisan & Bantu ancestry via Xhosa, colored can also refer to a mix of Hinuds, Sikh Indian, Ethnic groups in Europe and Asian, multi-racial multi-cutural peoples. Mandela although he linked to violence in the end chosen the way of peace and understanding, would he turn in his grave to see South Africa today?
The moral advice offered by some Preacher dude in Africa? Badu Kobi a preacher from another part of African nation is happy about the whole thing he ‘celebrates’ fulfilled voodoo pagan Christian mystic prophecy about chaos in South Africa, his preaching now part of a thing called 'Glorious Wave Church International' ... Church members of this international cult have given him cars, a house with a Jacuzzi and many others expansive non-taxed gifts...while Afro-centrism is pushed by people African countriesand tribes seem to constantly fight with each other, Black South African citizens for example are opposed to helping Black refugees from places like Zimbabwe.  In 2018 Trump asked Pompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures fearing South Africa would become a collapsed economy like Zimbabwe. South Africa today is a crazed confused mix of many different cultures, it has 11 Official languages, people have different enthnicity and identity, many different religions, does it risk  being split into different nation states?
It was expected that South Africa would fix itself post Apartheid, over time the corruptions, lack of leadership and crimes seem to have got worse, this troublesome political turmoil has actually been going on for a long time, slowly but surely the nation of South Africa will end up going the ways of violence and poverty like a Haiti or Iraq or Afghanistan or Zimbabwe?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whats real on social media but when real legit foreign news channels and multiple commentary channels and social media accounts from leftwing to rightwing all show Live Mobile Cell phone footage of something going on, the very same thing again and again, you know something real is happening

Mosque burnt in SA
Anarchists drag a stolen ATM … 9073596429
Police Take Part In LOOTING … oting.html
Smashing Looting
Durban, South Africa’s Third-largest City, Runs Out of Bread, Milk Due to Looting … o-looting/
French bloggers tweet bank machines attacked in SA … 7725651970
A political commentary forum where they constantly talk about cities from  crime rates to weather patterns ..'Thoughts' … frica.html
Another SA criminal Cop caught looting
Political post - No leaders
Old 2012 political post on the identity politics 'So who stole the land from whom'?
http://whatishappeninginsouthafrica.blo … -whom.html
Violent rioting in South African against the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma, … jacob-zuma
Jailhouse … 6809035783
Indians now retaliating
Conspiracy news channel - 'signs of the times' … 72c1b542f9
Prepper survival conspiracy - ' No more firearms for self-defence' … ce.970096/
Debate forum on SA politics … on.589577/

Food shortages set to grip South Africa after rioters rampage … rs-rampage
Looting and riots at malls in Durban, South Africa … index.html

Warning of food shortages as looters torch South Africa’s economy … my/109051/

Make of it what you will but South Africa is burning, attacking itself, looting itself and is breaking apart!! If you want to confirm the news there are other more disturbing pics and clips out there was one a Mother forced to throw toddler off a high building after it burns in alleged looting attack. The violence and stealing and burning is totaly destruction like an Iraq war zone, the looters have smashed jobs, attacked homes, destroyed many buildings. Zuma's foundation said there would be no peace in South Africa, some blame the Zuma mob, the Former President Zuma was sentenced last month.

...what does a place like China think of all this?

I'm not sure... but I would encourage you to watch a movie, it was banned on youtube but you can still find it on vimeo and dailymotion
'Empire of Dust'

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#2 2021-07-14 07:53:07

Registered: 2006-03-23
Posts: 885

Re: South Africa decends into Rioting, Looting, Burning and Chaos

Mainstream media is now starting to cover the story
The Crowds in South Africa defy government call to end violence, looting … -1.6102001
Crowds looted shops and offices in South Africa

Lots of vids on social media

At least 72 people have been killed … 9481928706
The Failed State of South Africa
Fears of Food Crisis Loom
South Africa COLLAPSING, Armed Citizens SHOOTING Rioters As Army Deployed To Quell "Civil War … ed-to.html
Gun Shots and Chaos at Nyanga taxi rank … 4414592000
Store Looted
Looters … 2196281344
South Africa looks like a war zone as result of looting
Looting … 3929154561

The Looting, rioting and violence: Nelson Mandela would be heartbroken to see South Africa ripping itself apart … -14925431/

Local news stations have reported that police were also involved in looting

Death toll climbs to 72 in South Africa … -in-south/
as looting, destruction grip country

POLICE are caught looting goods as South Africa's descent into lawlessness continues … inues.html

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#3 2021-07-14 09:43:08

Registered: 2006-03-23
Posts: 885

Re: South Africa decends into Rioting, Looting, Burning and Chaos

SA on ‘brink of civil war’ if riots not quelled effectively … fectively/

South Africa’s tipping point: How the intelligence community failed the country … ar-AAM7HTA

South Africa is indeed at a tipping point. Years of austerity and political failures to deal with the most pressing challenges are catching up with us. But all is not lost.


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