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#1 2021-06-19 09:08:32

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Turkmen-Ottomano-nauts ?

Turkey invites Russia to take part in construction of country's spaceport … t_999.html

Turkish unveil space program including 2023 moon mission … n-75784596

Turk Space Launch System. The Space Group Command of the Turkish Air Force, which is being formed, will operate the spaceport when it is completed. … m_(Turkey)

Iran is also launching rockets, Blocked and Sanctioned by the U.S. Department of State and many other countries, they want Iranian space satellites. Seems mohammedanism in outer space might bizarrely become a thing. Saudi and Afghan and others have already traveled on the STS Shuttle or Soviet Soyuz. Scientists from the USA and a Japanese rocket carrier already launched a Mars mission for a sharia Law nation, the UAE Dubai Emirates mission to Mars.  Relations with Turkey have gone backward since the Admins of George Bush Jnr, Obama and Trump, the Turkish started launching their own operations into Northern Iraq, Erdogan has " intervened" in Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan, they are involved with Armenia, often using jihadists as proxies.  The USA might have indirectly supported the idea of a replacement for Erdogan, while Erdogan doesnt seem to have many allies any more, he has arrested his own political people at home, purged the military and has alienated just about every Nation in the region. The USA also did not like the idea of Assad, but then ISIS was seen as the bigger threat, the Turkish have direct involvement in the Syrian civil war, Turkey also annoy the Israelis when they call Israel the "terrorist" state, seek to 'save Jerusalem'. At one time Turkey was considered to join the Eurozone, become part of the EU, these days Turks form an alliance with the Russians or Iran, there have been dramatic moves up and down in the stock market, Turkish Central bank and Bitcoin in Turkey. Erdogan has pushed for a greater Islamification in Turkey, including mixing the Turkish verison of islam with geopolitics of oil and gas, pipelines, the petrodollar, and the Kurds. The Ottoman Caliphate Empire has been around hundreds of years, it prayed to the warmonger pedophile prophet of islam called moohammad a man muslims believe a prophet, it was a Caliphate Empire that ran from year 1299 to 1924. President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk reformed Turkey into a modern country, he envisaged Turkey as a secular republic, an ideology known as Kemalism. Erdogan is accused by the West of setting Turkey backwards, support ISIS and promoting islamism, he launched an ambitious Turkish space roadmap, perhaps a robot landing on the moon by 2023, Turkish SLV, spaceport among other things.

Maybe there are worse ideas to put from Earth into space, other Doomsday death cults, people could launch crazy religious zealot ideas into space like Aum Shinrikyo, Branch Davidians or some modern Mexican gang death cult that worships the gods of Aztec?  The timeline seems ambitious, extremely short, can they really reach the moon or is this just propaganda?

BILSAT-1 was a Turk earth observation satellite, BILSAT-1 was launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome Site 132/1, Arkhangelsk Oblast in Russia by a Kosmos-3M space launch. … =2003-042E


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