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#1 2021-06-05 16:38:19

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I guess this falls under speculative science of colonisation

The blogger isaacarthur dot net, he's also on SpaceTv
'Springtime on Mars'

Colonizing Mars and terraforming it to be a comfortable future home for humanity is quite the challenge. How would we go about it and how close is close enough for our purposes?
I don't know if these guys are good at making predictions … _will.html
the US Will Still be the Only Superpower in 2030

If China puts a man on Mars before the US, I may change my opinion on this point, but the odds of that happening are not high.

Wired Science Website … g-on-mars/

Gizmodo Science … 1846982649

Kurzweil … rs-in-2023

Euvolution Blogger … quakes.php

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