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#1 2021-06-01 14:11:45

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Politics & Religions on Mars, the 2024 US election

2022 comes before 2024

I do not know if there is a space flight candidate

The US election I guess is far away but not too far away, at these US elections decisions could be made in future that influence Space Exploration and Manned Colonization of Outer Worlds. The Senate and US Congress may change, Mid-Term Elections 2022 more votes, House Elections come in 2022. Do Russia and China matter, maybe they do but maybe not so much, they are not really politically democratic, Chinese have a strong space program but are communist but push for open economic trade. China will already have the experience of a Rover on Mars and a working space station. The ESA have done great missions with NASA, they helped with the Hubble, the Cassini–Huygens of Saturn's Moon Titan. Europe has great space science but is getting smaller with Brexit and might break into arguing bickering bureaucratic states, they have no manned launcher. The Japanese have ideas for Space Robots, the agency JAXA has Proposals for Space Telescopes, Japan might do more Solar science missions and Spacecraft to Asteroids. By this year 2024 hopefully the JWST done great and it has made great discoveries. India plans to already have manned missions but it currently suffering economic effects of the virus, it has Political obstacles a territory dispute with Pakistan and Economic obstacles, also Social issues.
The Middle East, crazy Americans and kamikaze Japanese got jihad islamic sharia law mohammedans to Orbit Mars but the Middle East will probably NEVER evolve and continue to have war forever, until our Sun finally explodes in 5 Billion years time, maybe a Comet will hit Arabia sooner and continents and sub-continents literally each other, maybe Israel and Iran can do it sooner and Saudi and Turk will wipe each other out in clouds of atomic fire, maybe then the Middle East will finally have peace.
The Moon Treaty is possibly dead, the Outer Space Treaty almost gone, I expect many nations to sign international agreements between governments participating in the US Lunar Program, I believe New Zealand and South Korea have already signed up and more will follow. Korea is interesting because they are investing in their own Rockets and Robots.

You have a lot of Toxic Left vs Right happening these past years, Antifa BLM groups, the Q-Anon cult and that dude with the horns and spear and Don't Tread on Me protests, they have a vote Law you don't like then call them ‘Jim Crow’. I'm not sure what's going to happen the thousands of the genuine refugees and the terroristic criminal refujihadists that Europe took in, will they all have jobs in a new Europe or will nationalism rise before they get shipped back home?
Trump has Lost Power, he avoided the old Tv and ran an election a new way to win, ran on social media but he's Muted today by BigTech with Censorship, Bans across Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, name it the internet has banned Trump. I feel he is unlikely to win with BigTech muting him.  Rep. Liz Cheney was stripped of leadership position and Andrew Giuliani might run so you might hear more about Hunter Biden's drug smoking photos and his foreign Laptops? Currently what is happening politically, maybe Kamala Harris's appointment to head up the National Space Council?

There will be the usual talking points, the old talking points and maybe new talking points endless war
The War on Drugs, some Bailout or Relief Bill for the Virus, Laws to Wear Masks or Not Masks? and the Wars on Poverty
Kick the Education Can Down The Road At NASA? … e-edu.html
NASA requests $24.8 billion in 2022 … fia-again/

Unless some big unforeseen event happens like a Super Volcano goes off or an Asteroid hits our Planet the United States presidential election will be the 60th quadrennial presidential election, scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024.
Donald Trump Jr. from New York could run, his father the 45th President, old Trump is banned from the Social media of the internet but Trump Jnr is not banned.
Chris Christie will be what age... maybe 60 yrs and will probably still be "extremely obese"?
Rand Paul from Kentucky could run but he's hated by the Media Corporations and the Military Industrial Complex, like his father before there will be groups who do not like him and there will be too much money against him.
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson might run, I'm not sure as what, maybe even Indie or Libertarian? While the Rock might be serious about running maybe California might have the most joke candidates.
I don't think many will be giving their votes to the Greens, Constitution Party or the 'Kanye West Birthday Party' but it is possible a Centrist Party could collect some Third votes like the 'Ralph Nader 2000' campaign.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could run from New York as a Neo-Liberal Democrat Regressive Left Candidate, maybe the conspiracy people have gone totally crazy by this time and will rant about the US Dollar getting replaced by Bitcoins and the Amero?

Mormon LDS prophecy might take off once again because
Romney will run 'AGAIN'?  their 'Prophet' Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum didnt see the mob coming to that illinois jailhouse that would kill them?...Mormons on Mars?
'Elon Musk is saddened about ex governor Romney'

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