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#1 2021-05-05 16:48:48

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Mushrooming evidence of life on Mars...

The evidence for some form of possibly fungal life on Mars looks increasingly strong. … lanet.html

Good and bad news.

The presence of life on Mars shows it is not a hopeless dead planet. It is much more like Earth than many thought - we can bring it back to full life.

On the other hand it will give the planetary protectionists the excuse to try and block human colonisation.

Another aspect I think is that it will mean colonisation is definitely going to be a more tricky process. If Mars is crawling with fungal spores and bacteria, there will be an unknown health risk to pioneers. I think that argues for avoidance of all EVA activity really in the short term until we better understand the nature of life forms on Mars.

But again there is a very positive aspect to this: if there are forms of life on Mars then there will be a scientific "gold rush" kickstarting the Mars economy big time from the very earliest mission onwards. All the prestigious unis on Earth are going to want to examine what these life forms are.

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