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#1 2021-01-04 14:16:27

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Strategic Planning for NewMars forum

For SpaceNut ....

Strategic Planning is a department category in corporations that reach a certain size ...

I checked the topic list for Meta New Mars and a topic containing the words "strategic" and "planning" did not exist ...

NewMars forum is either tiny (based on active contributors) or huge (based on potential contributors already present).

Either way, the new period of the life of the forum we have entered, thanks to the "contributions" of our Russian friends (not to exclude any one else who contributed spam over the last 20 years), deserves investment of some thought in how this forum can contribute to the success of the Mars Society.

A category of person we might consider inviting to join the active membership would be someone with years of experience doing research and providing studies to management of a large organization.

In this case, the objective would be to see how this forum can help Mars Society to achieve its strategic objectives.

If someone is interested in this new topic, a contribution that I would welcome would be to investigate to see what the objectives of the Mars Society are as of their latest review.

The success of their 2020 Convention may have inspired a recent review.

This topic would be a good place for that information to appear.


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#2 2021-01-06 17:55:11

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Re: Strategic Planning for NewMars forum

The are well on our way towards making NewMars better and more of an important arm to the Mars Society as well as for going to Mars one day.

We have taken steps to shut out the spamming to gain control once more to the very important aspect of wanting to get the best minds to work on the problems in an open format.

The steps being taken to reclaim and utilize the forums functions for good rather than for spam content is and will be completed one day in the future with the excellent efforts of those here involved in that action. Thank you by tahanson43206 for the email service to help clear those that do want to be a part of something unique and special.

We are on the path to fixing the may conversion errored posts from the many versions of software that and of the great crash has created for clean up. Also the many posts are said to have been reclaimed but due to the forums alignments it will take some time to move and merge them back in to make the many parts of our topics whole once more.

The roads not taken so far are on the outreach and growth paths of which some of this is laid out and just needs more volunteers to bring the many ideas into flourishing. That out reach is to start an email campaign to write for those that either were locked out or lost desire in the old Newmars website to come back and join in once more as we can help to solve the technical aspects of posting once more.

More outreach to try and add real Mars Society members that right to post and join in with the many topics and conversations as they did pay for being members for the dream of going to mars. Open thinking can sometimes lead to unexpected testing and of fleshing out of the possibility from the not possible for Mars.

The last outreach is from advertising which I hope would be cleared to call for the expertise that we need in the many fields to help with those technical and just thoughts of what we might think will work to gain new members for NewMars. Hopefully we can as well from the many topics get university and research to invest and bring our thoughts from just conversation and dreams to reality.


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