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#1 2020-07-25 21:39:04

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Arctic Research Station a Model for Mars Expedition

The article at the link below is about a large scale research expedition on Earth.

However, it seems to me the logistics involved, the personnel selection process, and many other aspects of planning would have a parallel in any significant expedition to Mars. … 00961.html

Members of a Mars expedition might actually have ** less ** of a physical challenge, although the psychological challenge would surely be greater, but (apparently) not by a whole lot.



#2 2020-11-22 15:55:23

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Re: Arctic Research Station a Model for Mars Expedition

Our crews at FMARS are required to conduct a sustained program of geological, microbiological and climatological field exploration in a cold and dangerous remote environment while operating under many of the same constraints that a human crew would face on Mars.  It is only under these conditions, where the crew is trying hard to get real scientific work done, while dealing with bulky equipment, cold, danger, discomfort, as well as isolation, that the real stresses of a human Mars mission can be encountered, and the methods for dealing with them mastered.  It is only under these conditions that all sorts of problems that Mars explorers will face can be driven into the open so they can be dealt with. Only by doing these missions can we make ourselves ready to go to Mars. Nothing like this has ever been done before. 

Dr. Robert Zubrin
President, The Mars Society


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We are 6 people living in the F-MARS, in the High Arctic, far from home.


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