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#1 2018-12-01 19:20:11

From: UK
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Opportunities for development on Mars once we have A1 telecoms

Telecoms is the key to Mars development. Fully developed telecoms will be essential. Once they are in place many things become possible...

1.    It will allow effective sol-by-sol communication between science teams on Mars and their Earth-based control centres.

2.    It will provide a safe environment on Mars as the early Mars community can access almost real time detailed health and safety advice.

3.    It will produce all sorts of economic development opportunities that we can’t fully appreciate but which can be developed by entrepreneurs if we let them.

4.    These opportunities may include:

(a)    Interactive devices  on Earth e.g. directing Mars robot rovers on Mars, carving your name on a Mars rockface with a laser, or playing a computer game where real mini-robot warriors fight it out over a real Mars landscape.

(b)    “Explorer Mars” - where you have complete control of a robot rocket hopper and discover new places on Mars that no one else has seen (strictly for rich kids!).

(c)    Data processing on Mars in a completely tax free, rent free environment.

(d)    Mapping Mars - discover new features that you pay to be named subject to a vetting process.

(e)    Build your house on Mars - you have (robot) control over the design and build of a house on Mars that you can then “rent” out via Space X to people coming to Mars.

(f)    Mars Website…the go to website for “all things Mars”…getting 100 million hits a day.

(g)    Create your own toll road on Mars.  If you can build a road that people will want to use…Space X will provide you with the road…you pay and put up your toll…

(h)    Be an honoured Mars Developer. If you put up $2000 we will put up a monument to you on Mars with your photograph, name and appropriate inscription.  You can view it on directable live cam.

(i)    How many hundreds of design companies might want to move to Mars?  Initially it might be something done to show you are on trend but there will be permanent commercial benefit to being based on Mars: the cachet of designs coming from this far off planet, the absence of tax, rent and other on charges and a staff magnet in offering talented young people the opportunity to work on Mars. 

(j)    Mars Cams Website - real time views of Mars all over the planet from Pole to Pole from the top of Olympus, from a view over Valles Marineris will generate huge advertising revenue.

(k)    Mars TV  - a live 24/7 TV station from Mars will undoubtedly be able to command a 10 million audience on Earth - just over 0.1% of the Earth population.

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#2 2018-12-01 19:56:29

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Opportunities for development on Mars once we have A1 telecoms

You have listed all the things that can be done once we do have Mars Communications and Navigation Infrastructure for Crewed Missions


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