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#1 2018-07-24 15:08:31

From: Malibu CA
Registered: 2018-05-02
Posts: 68

Martian Graffiti!

One of the truly fascinating and perplexing discoveries I stumbled upon, was when I took a close look at image - catalog ESP_025310_1690

Located again along the magnificent undulating hills of the Melas Plains

Initially, I assumed the formations there which pepper the landscape were quite natural. But upon closer magnified inspection of the 600MB swath image, I notice that the shape of the structures were familiar somehow but needed "turning" in order to "level" the geometry of the triangular forms. Then, reversing the polarity the "internal" forms became apparent. Here we see one of the most unusual insignias embedded on the Martian surface and, found in abundance - "Martian Graffiti"!

Take your time to adjust your eyes in order to counteract the "blur" and you will see several recognizable characters - stunning!



In this 1080p HD video below, I slowly zoom down to the location imaged above. … sp=sharing


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