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#1 2018-05-10 17:44:08

From: Malibu CA
Registered: 2018-05-02
Posts: 68

I looked into a mirror.

It's estimated that over one quarter of the US population believes that the world was created...just six thousand years ago, that's 1 in 4 Americans!

So much so, that a multi million dollar, 75,000 sq ft complex was built in Petersburg Kentucky,  where on exhibit, you can see life sized wax models of young children riding on the backs of baby dinosaurs, having a good ole fun and playful time ....ahhh, lovely. 

                  "PREPARE TO BELIEVE", they claim!!


And yet, if one was to propose, that an Alien intelligent life, possibly resides in our own solar system (other than God's earth), not only would you be looked at as a loony, but often responded to with antagonism and resentment.

So, with that in mind, what would possibly happen to American society, (plus a good portion of the world's religions), if it were made known; that at one time in the past, an alien culture from "elsewhere" appeared in this district of our galaxy, settled on Mars and "spawned continuance"?

I'm confident in saying; that there would not be ONE presidential administration prepared to take on anywhere close to this terrifying responsibility.

Since the end of Eisenhower presidency, it appear's this unsavory fact became known and forcibly hushed up. Since then, the ball of secrecy has been steadily rolling down the proverbial path to eventual truth, whereby subsequent Presidents inspired by the cry; "no no, not on my watch" has molded policy.

A couple of problems though. 1. persistent unidentified craft kept on crashing worldwide and 2. as technology improved, it was inevitable that "seeing in high resolution detail" the surface of a nearby planet, could result in mortifying discoveries of intelligent "things".

What was to do?

1. Crashed vehicles:

Relatively the event is somewhat localized and with some astringent manhandling and consequent lashings of humiliation, the incidents were effectively cauterized, with the exception of of course, of the infamous  "1947 Roswell episode" .

2. Mars on the other hand presented the "secret keepers" with a more challenging dilemma.

As "seeing" became more trenchant from those early years onward, what was needed was to turn the planet Mars into a fable. This was how the American mind was "brainwashed" into the asinine culture we see today.

Americans liked "RED INDIANS" so much so, they went on to believe that the American Indian was actually RED and it worked for all sorts of fictitious creations from Disney to Hollywood.

So now, Mars became THE RED PLANET, as is seen in most all color images of Mars.

What did this do? In turning the images into the red hue, most all surface definition, in any detail, became "red washed" and "undefined" (red is the only color which can make bland most all detail).

But when later images became more readily available, (due to FOIA) and in greater detail, something had to be done to keep from revealing the truth of the so named "Red Planet".

Enter into the affray; PAREIDOLIA a powerful psych job; "It's not really's all in your mind...ohhh".

Now here's a little test. Type the word into the forum and spellcheck will not even recognize the word let alone spell it correctly!

However, type the word into Google and BAM! a thousand and one hits all saying the same thing....."it's all in your mind, it's not really there, you're just making it all up in your mind's eye, but don't worry, you don't have a disease,  it's natural, just look up there at that cloud and see....there's a face there, we all see it, it's ok, really"

And ram it down the throat's they have from Scientists to dumbo's. Very cleaver, and VERY effective.


OK then, let's take a close look at the REAL life on Mars and I'm NOT talking about analyzing a rock that resembles a WW1 German military helmet. More to come.


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#2 2018-05-16 11:22:06

From: Malibu CA
Registered: 2018-05-02
Posts: 68

Re: I looked into a mirror.

I have really enjoyed reading the posts here going back to 2004 and must say, by and large, the posts have been written by some very intellectual minds especially in the field of physics and planetary biology - very informative indeed.

Sadly so it seems, many members are no longer around, not sure why that is but I did notice, the forum "intelligent alien life" has been locked not allowing any further new threads to be created. I'm baffled why that is and which has prompted me to ask a couple of questions.

While the science community can address, ponder and openly discuss the possibility of microbial life in our solar system, any real and meaningful discussion as to whether intelligent alien life really does exist either now or in the past seems to be looked upon as a "non starter" or "off limits"?

When in reality, nothing in my mind, could be more elucidative to the field of science. Does anything come close?

So why then are we so against it?

Is it just ridicule, or perhaps fear of the unknown, in the event of the sum total of our consciousness be suddenly flooded with it's overpowering, mind stunning reality?

Or could it be; as there is 'no real evidence', it is therefore unworthy of contemplation in a scientific forum?

Honestly, I don't wish to debate the question as each of us have a right on this sensitive subject and I respect that of course, but still, opinions would be great to hear.


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