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Underhill - The Sum of all Tiers

The Sum of all Tiers
By: a Mars Society Patron on February 11th, 2018
Fore score and 17 trillion dollars ago, our Nation stood in parallel to Russia's prerogatives of a nation lording over
the planet, from outer space on down. Conquer space and you conquer the world, as so it's been told.

Since then, the aerospace industry has worked gleefully alongside every military expenditure, in the name of science.
Working harder and harder to achieve the goals of being cutting edge of any nation using the most highly engineered state of the art technologies that  citizens, commercial, political, and the military currently take-for-granted.
Except for a "manager's grand view" of how to push-the-nuclear-button, on the road to supremacy, amongst "the many national flags of recognizable individuality". So much for the global effort of "one planet, one purpose, one language, one flag, one aim".

Today, the terms: interoperability and infrastructural diversity, are trendy catch phrases to usher aerospace "new comers" to hitch on the bandwagon of social media's "kickstarters of success" with "their version" of how to get there.

The current space-faring mindset pushes "smart technology" to escalate the making of micro cube-sat packages that are clever in their construction but extremely fragile against the onslaught of off-world environments.
This stack up of heightened technology awareness now presents: The Sum of all Tiers.

The Sum of all Tiers, denoting the many possible outcomes that never happen due to intellectual-risk-management.
Does it take a wonderful radical like Mr. Musk to show us how easy it is to throw mass from our gravity well?
The Falcon Heavy launch of February 6, 2018 epochs the next level of hipster achievement that challenges
The Outer Space Treaty of 1967. (a little refresher via google search is encouraged).

Test flight or not, an object has departed the Van Allen Belt of our Earth-Moon System with an un-calculated precision
to over-shoot the orbital insertion window to the Planet Mars.
Absolutely amazing how quickly the Tesla Roadster payload sheared several thousand layers of satellite traffic
without any incident of collision. Outer Space is amazing… until the Kessler Syndrome enters the picture.
All due respects are to be given to SpaceX for their bold-move-forward.
Which is more than I can say for nasa's consistent posturing of institutional administrative awareness.

Let's use our imagination with a small list of "what could have been".
1)    The Red Dragon-Mars Direct-Sample-Return Mission.
2)    Mars Society MDRS "Tracking the Tesla Simulated Supply Ship".
3)    Designing Cube Sats with Real Magnetometers to picture the Water & Hydrocarbons in Asteroids.
4)    Launching a Cube Sat from the Falcon 3rd Stage enroute to gathering Intel from the Asteroid Belt.
5)    Position DSN Sats next to Stereo A & B for uninterrupted the "Mars Broadcast Network"
6)    Utilize Amateur Radio in view of the Elser-Mathes Cup of 1927 ( google it up ).
7)    Rovers with mandatory Magnetometers to see the Volcanic Vents on Mars for Habitats.
8)    Reduce, or Amalgamate all these repeated programs, foundations, into ONE SPACE FARING PURPOSE.
These, and more, can be executed using the current state of the art that Robert Zubrin has already mentioned.

Seriously – The Intellectual Management of Space Programs becomes an oxymoron when the goal originally set forth is clouded with clever Executor "Business Speak" and/or "IT Speak".
Just present the information to be understood by one of your paid employees, or general lay people.
Simple to understand and execute ( like a farmer ).

This "Sum of all Tiers" means: The more you stack up technology to represent the human senses to see the worlds
beyond ours,  the more translucent the result to mankind's perception of understanding.

Enough Said. Thank you for your attention.


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