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#1 2007-10-17 13:40:55

Tom Kalbfus
Registered: 2006-08-16
Posts: 4,401

Re: Return from Mars

This is based on the idea that out universe is not real, sort of like the Matrix. I originally got this idea by discussing why we see no intelligent alien life nor detect their signals in our Universe. Well, maybe the reason is we are the first intelligent technological civilization, or maybe all other civilizations have destroyed themselves when they reach a certain level, but the most interesting possibility, is that the Universe we think were living in is actually a simulation running on a vast Universe-spanning computer with many other such simulations also running. There is a master program that moves such civilizations from one simulation to another depending on their level or technological development, but in this situation, the Master Program forgets to move about 20 Martian colonists, and they get left behind as the Master Program resets the simulation on Earth back to the Dawn of civilization, and then its attention moves elsewhere, the simulation proceeds with the forgotten astronauts trying to make the best of things on Mars and then returning to Earth when the Orbital alignments are just right.

It may be that large sections of the Universe are being simulated, and might even be intelligently organized and stratified so that civilizations of similar level of technological development exist within the same simulation that is hundreds of light years across. When a world moves from one level of technological development to another, the "Master Program" makes a decision, and may port the entire world to another simulation with similar sibling civilizations so more advanced civilizations don't conquer and subjugate the lesser advanced intelligent species.

You know, I just thought of a really great plot for a novel. Suppose in the near future, we start a colony on Mars, and the "Master Program" suddenly makes a decision to port "Earth" to another simulated Universe with more advanced species in it, in other words we graduated to a higher level, and what if that same "Master Program" decides to reset the "Earth Simulation back at the Dawn of human civilization, but a computer glitch causes that "Master Program" to forget to port the human Martian colonists, or maybe it deliberately decides not to do so for entertainment purposes. So from the point of view of lets say, 20 Martian colonists, the Earth suddenly goes silent. They try contacting it, but their is not reply, their are no satellites in orbit except for our natural Moon, their are no cities etc, but the Martians do possess the means of returning to Earth and eventually they have no choice and must return to Earth as their supplies are running out, and the base is not 100% self-supporting, so they just close it down and get into their Earth Return Vehicles and head to Earth. The Earth has humans on it that have just discovered writing, have built their first cities, began agriculture and trade. So what do you think happens when the 20 humans return to this Earth?

So what do you think of this idea?


#2 2007-10-27 07:07:33

From: Pullman, WA
Registered: 2007-07-15
Posts: 2,526

Re: Return from Mars

It seems pretty good to me, but as far as I can tell, the people there would either kill them or raise them to supreme overlord.



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