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#1 2007-09-22 14:07:16

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Re: How to catch a Alien incognito

One way a good laser temperature gun.
Most aliens are cold blooded, I'll take that back most aliens are just cold they do ot have blood they are just chilli.
Another take a coofee cane with a small hole for a spaeker in the back to be inserted sweep the fron part threw a cobweb connect your speaker and listen to key alien positions for taking over earth such as U.S Presidents.
If the cob web starts to oscilate in harmony with the speech pattern you caught a high and mighty alien imposoring a president.
Another go over old photo graphs with a UV and a washout color lamp green to wear the atmospher seem to be in waves this well illuminate a alien photo graph to change colors also they well appear at night as colored people if installed on your roof or a high structure to notice people in the.
Also spectro scope measure the irradance of their skin to see if it fits a human if you can find a human to compare it to.


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